Friday, March 11, 2011


No pictures. You don't want to see one of me with steam coming our the top of my head. But, let me start at the beginning.

When I got up and was watching the devastating pictures from Japan and knowing my oldest friend in the world had children in Okinawa, I went to my phone that had been charging all night and what did I have NOTHING. I shook and and wiggled the charger around and still NOTHING. We were going in town to consign some things at the Tack Swap so we stopped by the Wireless Store that is on our way in and my phone is DEAD and I mean DEAD. Nothing works at all. I called the customer service person and she said it was under warranty and switched me to that number. Well, she pushed the wrong button because they were talking Spanish and I know hablo and that is just about it. So I hung up and dialed again. This time I got English, however whoever I talked to did no speak good English. An hour later on Bob's phone and taking the battery in and out and giving her numbers and the color of little squares in little holes and verifying for the 5th. time my name and it is pronounced Lee not Leah and my address ect. I will have a new phone in five days or so. We do not have a land line so we have Bob's phone only. So there, I have vented. I did not drown it, I did not throw it anywhere, I just carry it around in my pocket. So if you need to get me in the next week, the Internet is the way you will do it.

Got all 59 of our items consigned at the tack swap. We will go in the AM and spend everything we might make. That is what we usually do. We did take a couple of saddles. We have an abundance of them. Its always fun though and we always see lots of our horsey friends that we have not seen all winter.

We had a day without rain so the horses all got our for a while. Back in tonight because the rain is coming back tonight.