Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I think I could have slept all day. Don't know why. I was lazy all day. I am so glad that Bob understands that I have days like this once in a while and lets me be lazy.

I did sew on the Christmas gifts for our grand kids. At least the younger ones. It doesn't take long but it does take me to sit down and do it. Not telling what because at least one mama reads this and I want everyone to be surprised. I am making all I can this year.

Poor Rusty still does not like the surcingle. She tolerates it on but does not want a saddle pad. Bob did not push it today, just the surcingle. No bucking, just looking like "I don't like it" We just will have to keep working with her. She still does like me too much.

Friday we are going to Rathdrum to help Jenn with her mustang Riley. She has had him for 6 months and can not touch him. I am a little discouraged with the amount of people telling her to give up and send him back. Bob and I will give her some help and be honest with her. I just hate people telling her to give up without ever seeing her or her mustang or how they communicate together.

My lazy day is catching up with me. It will be early to bed for me. Maybe a cup of hot cider and a good good for a while too.