Saturday, December 20, 2008

A better day

Drool all you want. I baked 3 of the kinds today. I have to keep slapping my hands. The Santa Clause on the front of the tray on your left is a result of a cookie cutter that was my mothers. If nothing else I try to do some Santa's from it every year. The cowboy boot on the other sugar cookie tray is just a favorite of mine. I have one more batch to bake tomorrow and then I will make fudge and then just relax, keep the house cleaned up and listen to all the Christmas music I can find.

We are still very sad today but accidents do happen. Sophie was a sweet lovable girl and we will never forget her. I am very thankful that I have Skeeter, my poodle. He has been good to me. Seems to understand that I needed him to be extra kind.

Tyler left for our son Tom's a little bit ago and then he will leave for his parents from there in the AM. He is watching Tom's kids so Tom and Christy can get a seldom night out. Tyler promised me he will go get some minutes for his phone so he has a cell. We loaned him a sleeping bag, I gave him a gallon of water and some cookies. It is not supposed to be good traveling tomorrow but hook or crook this is the way he wanted. He is 20 you know and invincible.

Bob was going to take Joel and Heather to the airport this evening but their flight was cancelled. I don't know when they will get away from here. Not many flights to Seattle got out today.

There won't be any church for us in the AM. Roads will be awful if it snows like they say. Will have our own time of meditation and prayer and lighting the third candle of our advent wreath. God bless you all.

Oh, like my new looking blog. Tell Nikki thanks. She did it for me. Her blog is Life With Boys. And the Serenity Room is still an awesome blog. She is having a neat give away.


  1. Lea, I am soooo sad to hear about you little dog. I completely understand how you feel.

  2. What a sweet dog. So sorry to hear about her passing.

    The cookies look yummy.