Tuesday, April 23, 2013

 This is out our front door two nights ago.  It was exceptionally beautiful  I love our sunsets this time of year especially.
 A quite pregnant Rosie.  I was poking around her belly this morning and she didn't like it much.
 Her bag does not look big but it feels larger than it looks and its pretty tight.  I will give her another week or so.
And Pepper.  He is a good ole boy most of the time but a few weeks ago when Nikki was here he tried to buck her off.  I am glad she is as good a rider as she is.  He is so fat. 

Those two we can tie out with a hay string if need be.  Not Sage though so she has the pasture to herself.  That is upsetting her I think. 

I am trying to walk and get back towards 10,000 steps a day but yesterday I wore a pair of shoes to the Line Dancing class that I go to and they made a big blister on my big toe.  Now I am limping around.  Hope to get more things accomplished today and at least half that many steps.  The class is fun.  We have "learned" 3 dances.  I put that in quotes because it might be stretching it some.  I have one pretty good, the second one kind of and the third on not so much.  I am going to have to figure out what the directions mean.  I did it when I could watch the teacher.  Its good exercise if nothing else.  Almost a thousand steps for one hour.  Mostly in the last half and hour.  I was sweating.

We were going on a ride this weekend but we are not going to.  Bob is having surgery on Thursday and his belly hurts when he rides so we gave that up.  There will be another when he feels good again.  He is working about 6 days a week for Bob Gish at Deer Park and is tired.  He is not working today for him but hauled goats down to the auction for Shannan and may buy some wiener pigs.  At least he is doing a lot of sitting.

Yesterday my washing machine died.  We just paid for the refrigerator - I wonder what is next. 

I made bird feeders yesterday.  I saw them on Pinterest.  Toilet paper rolls (cardboard centers) covered with peanut butter and wild bird seed.  I hung them out and my hummers feeders but haven't seen a sign of any.  Oh well.  They will I hope.