Friday, July 29, 2011


Caroline running her second round this morning. She ran it in 15.913. 40Th out of 700. She did not make it into the finals but she is happy that they did well and all the barrels were left standing. We are so proud of her. In 10 days she leaves for college.
April getting on Sage the first time. And not with good results - she got bucked off. My little light saddle is not a good one to ride in. The stirrups are bad. She could not get her foot in the stirrup or she would not have gone off. It scared me.

So, we tied her to the hitch rail and she got on her there.

By the time we quit for the evening, she was walking her back and forth by the hitch rail. She did better. Tomorrow we will put a different saddle on her and try again. I don't think it will be as difficult the second time. As long as April rubbed her neck she would be relaxed. It was a big day for me and for Sage.