Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rainy Days and the letter N

is for NICKLES
I had a hard time figuring out an N word today for some reason.
Church was awesome today. We had a special speaker - Wayne Cordeiro- who is pastor of the fastest growing church in the US in Honolulu. They have 5 services. We enjoyed him a lot. He is going to be the chancellor of Eugene Bible College.
It poured down rain all day. Despite the rain, Bob caught Rusty and put her in the horse trailer a couple of times. She did very well. While he did that out in the rain, I was going to watch the last of the Daytona NASCAR race but I went to sleep. I woke up for the winner to cross the finish line. I guess that is all that is really important. I sure needed that nap I think.
So today was a lazy Valentines Day. Bob took me to dinner last night and made me dinner this evening. Am glad he didn't want to go out. I was too sleepy.
Hope your day was all you hoped for.