Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday and a sore throat

I spent most of the day sleeping, resting, reading. I did go to church this morning but came home and dove back into my bed. My throat is sore like a sinus drainage thing. Whatever, I don't like it. By later this afternoon I was bored with it and got up and we had taco's for supper. Bob is now snoozing in his chair and here I am.

Yesterday we just worked around here and went to a Back Country Horse meeting. We belong to the Panhandle Back Country group. It is a very long story how we met those folks but we have belonged for about 15 years and they are good friends. We have ridden places with them that we would never have known nor places we would not have ever thought to go. Some of our favorite places are a couple of different places on Craig Mt. south of Lewiston, Hoodoo Pass between Montana and Idaho. And Clearwater Crossing in Montana. Besides of course several places in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. There is Escure Ranch south of Sprague, WA and another place I can't remember then name south of the rest stop west of Davenport. All good places. Escure Ranch is good to ride late in the year and early. Summer is not so good because of the abundance of rattlesnakes. Kind of like Fishtrap.

Today Bob went riding with Katie, her dad Doug and our neighbor Shannon. I really would have loved to have gone but am trying to get rid of this "thing" so thought perhaps I should not go out in the cold. Sunny and bright though.

On our way to church this morning up on the other side of Deep Creek hill, there was a huge coyote ambling across the hay stubble. He was very good and in very good condition. I took a picture but it turned out too dark so some reason. I need Nikki to come over and show me what she learned in her photoshop class she took just before she got sick. AND, I need to put my camera in for a cleaning and going over. I want a longer lens but the long one I have won't work on auto focus and I am really a dunce w/out it.

We are waiting for Tyler to get home. He has been over at his parents for a couple of weeks. He went for a wedding but was there to help his mom when felt so rotten. We have missed him. He is bringing home a puppy. Just what I need but he will take good care of him. I think it is part Chihuahua and Ihasa apso . I know I did not spell those right but you get the idea. He should be an itty bitty dog and I know my Skeeter will love him.

Maybe I will have a picture tomorrow. My cousin Joy lost her Aunt Elaine this past week, Joy our prayers are with you. AND my precious grandniece that calls me Grammy turned 16. What a good girl. Also my dear little grandnephew Jimmy had his 5Th. birthday this week. Jimmy is a wonderful little boy who happens to have CP. Everything physically is difficult for him but he is so funny and so smart. That is a week in the life of the Williams family.

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  1. Lea,
    Thank you darling for your kind thoughts. Get well soon!

    Love and hugs,