Thursday, December 18, 2008

I think we might be snowed in

My centerpiece on the dining room table that a week ago was covered with sewing machine, wrapping paper, fabric and other assorted stuff. I won the centerpiece at our Backcountry Horsemen Club meeting. It looks festive.

The horses were in good moods today. when Tyler put Pepper out, the snow is almost to his belly. He just trotted thru it like it was fun. Dixie wanted to play and Ditto wanted to stay in. But, she had to go out. It does not hurt her to go out for the day. She could get under shelter out there but stays in the open. Shes just a sometimes crotchety old lady. But I love her anyway.

I frosted my sugar cookies today. And went to buy groceries so I can do some more tomorrow. My sister and my cousin asked me to bake theirs but I laughed at them. I have enough trouble getting what I have done. Oh well. I got the stuff for fudge too. Now, if I can just not eat half of it. Dr. Fuhs will like it if I don't. He is my cardiologist. and , Dr. Hansen will like it too. He is my family doctor and when I went in for my last check and had lost 20 pounds and he asked me why I had lost so much weight. I just looked blankly at him and told him "You told me too" but he said to me"No one ever does what I tell them" I don't want to gain it back.


  1. Pretty centerpiece!

    That's a lot of Objectionable White Stuff to be dealing with! I'll bet the horses are having a blast, though :)

  2. Lea!!!
    I love the new profile picture on your blog ... you look wonderful and so does Sierra Nevada.

    What, no cookies? Oh well, I'm not supposed to eat them anyway ... being diabetic and all that rot! Stay warm girl!
    Love Ya,

  3. 20 pounds? Wow! You need to write a book.