Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday, April 30

Bob and I went to Spokane today and put flyer's out for Mustang Days plus entry forms. He is not well enough yet to drive so I get to do that.

This evening we had a Mustang Horse Club Meeting. I wish for one meeting everyone would get there at the same meeting. Am thankful for those that come though. We had a good meeting. Tyler did not go with us. He had to do laundry. HAHAHAH. He doesn't ask me - grandma- to do it though.

Worked both Nick and Nellie today. Better progress with her. They both need halters and ropes. she lost hers last night. He is still kind of ballistic. This is only day 3.

The Mustang Heritage Foundation postponed the deadline for the Yearling Challenge until the 10Th. That is really disappointing for me. I am anxious to know.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday, April 29

I think I am getting the hang of this. At least that is what I think. Maybe it will mess up.

Our 2 yearlings we brought home from Odessa last weekend are doing great. We are touching the filly. The little gelding shed his halter the first night so we are working from scratch in the rough pen. He does stop and look at me with both eyes and lets me approach to about 3'. Maybe tomorrow it will be the day he will touch me. He did once yesterday but didn't today. He does turn in all the time and does not go ballistic when Bob walks up to the round pen or the geese walk by.

We turned four of the mares out on to grass today. They got all excited. Dixie tried to run over Bob this evening. Don't know what got into her.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday, April 23

This is my first attempt at this so please bear with me. My husband Bob and I have 5 mustangs and a BLM donkey. Plus a couple of ponies and my old paint mare.

I have a passion for the mustangs and we leave tomorrow for an adoption in Odessa, WA. Not to adopt but to help with the BLM and talk with people about the joy of having a mustang.

My riding horse is from Jackie's Butte in Oregon. She is a brown with a black mane and tail. I would not call her really bay though. Her name is Dixie. Our most dependable is Pepper who is a Kiger. He is my lesson horse, a beginner horse or anything else we want him to do. Abby is from Oregon also, she is a true black. She is just going well. A young friend of ours wants to barrel race her. Raven is from Nevada and is a good riding horse, pack horse or anything else we need her to be. She loves attention. Liberty is a young horse we are just getting ready to ride. She is from northern California. And then their is Yuma the donkey who sings to us every day.