Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Great Birthday

The Spokane River is flooding like so many others. The geese were enjoying this.
Isn't she cute. She is 5 days old and her name is Hazel. She is a cutie.

My sister Sharon sent me the shirt. I do love Tennessee. Especially because that is where my one and only sister lives. I was putting Sage away after she had been eating grass for a couple of hours.

The birdhouse Katie got me. It is so cute. I love it.

Rosie that we can tie anywhere and she eats and never pulls. If gas gets over 4.00 a gallon, she is going to get used ALOT. She loves to pull a cart. They better start putting hitch rails up around like they have in Amish country.

Bob got called out to a Search and Rescue at 4 this AM. They found the boy and girl who had been riding a motorcycle when it broke down and they "happened" to find an abandoned camper. A 17 year old boy and a 14 year old girlfriend sounds a little fishy to me. It got quite a group of people and their parents out looking.

Bob got me a laptop computer. I wanted one so bad. Now I need to get a Router what ever that is for it to work right. I have wanted one, a laptop, so I can take it places with me but I do need some help getting it set up. Love love love it.

We went out to look at a farm auction that is going to be tomorrow. A couple of things I would like. Then we went and got a load of hay and I got to play with their baby mule. She is a spitfire. Then we came home, cleaned up and went to dinner. I mostly ate salad and veggies but I did have a spoonful of mashed potatoes and gravy, no dessert though. Dr. Fuhs better appreciate this. I may never want to look at a salad again when this month is out.

So it was a good day. Nothing exciting to others but it was a fun day for me just spending it with Bob and not being hurried up.