Sunday, December 28, 2008

A year ago today...................

A year ago today I was in Deaconess Hospital having had a mild stroke. I was scared and hated all the tests they were doing. Bob never left my side except to go get something to eat. He discovered about l8 hrs. into the hospital visit, when he went to the truck that he had left the keys in it. God took care of it. My purse was in it also. Just had taken my wallet in. He went to get me a book to read and he did and I did. I did not feel sick, just some weird sensations in my right hand and I saw double for a while. I thank God for the brevity of it and the mildness of it. I take more pills because of it to keep another from happening. And I am faithful to take them. I have lost the 20 pounds the doctor told me I should and until the holidays had been pretty faithful with my diet. Now I will get back to it and not keep the cookies and candy around.

I went out and wandered around today. It wasn't so cold. Katie came and rode Abby. They had a good time. She had to have her father drive her out because they won't let her drive on these slippery roads. They were pretty clear but her dad likes to come out too. That is where we went for Christmas.

The horses all looked fine. Dixie gets a black face in the winter. Or mostly black anyway. I asked her how that happened but she didn't answer me. She has big black circles around her eyes. The rest of them just look like furry mammoths.

No picture today. Just my rambling. Bob will pick up Nikki's princess and her parents at the airport tomorrow. It didn't snow today but it is again tomorrow. Oh yeah :(


  1. That was a scary day wasn't it. I'm glad your fine now. :-)

  2. Wow--Lea--that's scary!! I'm glad it was a mild stroke.

    It's snowing again!!! We didn't get the roof shoveled off--most of it melted. We went all over Spokane and no one had plastic snow shovels either---no one. My husband is convinced our barn can take it. I'm nervous, of course, and I've tried to convince him to get it off--but he disagrees with me. The barn is made with huge, wood, beams every 12 feet--so maybe he's right. He's says it's constructed stronger than our house. Hmmmm...

  3. Hope its OK too Linda. Ours is built sturdy too but Bob shovels it off. The neighbors collapsed last winter. One side - This snow is about to get to me. Cabin fever is setting in.