Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kiger Mustangs

These are all Kiger Mustangs. I love the silver grullas.
Young boys tired of being nice to each other.

She was my first choice. More than likely 2 for 1 price but aside from than other than being thin I thought she was exquisite. Very regal. She was adopted for $700.00. She was 7 but she would have done fine.

I loved that face.

A weanling boy

They feed them well and have hay in front of them all the time.

A group of two year old boys looking at us looking at them.

My favorite again

Nikki's favorite.

She wondered what we were doing.

It was the best looking group of horses up for adoption that I have ever seen all in one place for one adoption. Am so glad to be a volunteer for the BLM.