Sunday, June 12, 2011

Home again

We are home from our 3 day jaunt to Portland. I did get my new laptop working - sort a - need some help. Nikki will help me I know. We had a great time. Instead of boring you with 3 days of pictures, I will just show each day at a time.

This is the Columbia River running as full as I have ever seen it. There were some people fishing on the river but the wind and current was enough to scare the wits out of me watching.
Multanomah Falls are just beautiful. I love to stop there no matter how many times we go by. Not that its all that many but you know what I mean. The day was lovely and the scenery there was awesome as always. I could not physically climb up to the bridge but I wanted to.

Bob. He always asks why I took his picture. Because I want to, that's cuz.


The flowers were so pretty.

Portland. Thank God for a Garmin GPS that gets us where we want to go. We set our weekend in Portland the same weekend of the Rose Festival. Aren't we smart. It was OK though, we were not in the town part. Just over the bridges. The traffic does not bother Bob but it does me.

Every thing was just fine. Pistol had been shut in all day but I don't know why but otherwise fine and dandy when we got home. I checked on my garden and the spinach is up and one of the squash hills. Yeah, oh and the sunflowers and potatoes are growing good. I will need to water tomorrow. The ground is pretty dry.

My bed is going to feel good. Blessings.