Saturday, November 26, 2011


This is why I have pretty much been AWOL. It is healing and I get the stitches out on Tuesday.

Then we will see how it goes.

Sparkling cranberry juice. I thought it was so pretty,

Nikki, armen and the boys, Back row from the left is Dustin, Carmen, Nikki and Joel. Front row is Bryant, Lane, Isaac and Tyler. Dustin is the oldest.

Add in the back row Nathaniel and Heather and in the front row, Me, Bob and Lilianna

Heather Joel and kiddos, Nathaniel was not to happy

The old folks

All our little dogs, Scout is leaning down, she belongs to Nikki, Bolt is the black one in back and belongs to Tyler, Skeeter and Pistol are ours and Bella is Liliannas.

Rocky came to visit this morning.

We had a really enjoyable time. We drove home today. I slept most of the way for some reason. I don't usually do that.

My brother in law responded well to his first round of chemo. And a niece was just diagnosed with cancer in her hip. I am so angry with cancer. Our friend Shirley died last Wednesday and our neighbor a month ago. Hate it.

I will be so glad to get back out and mess with my horse. The doctor did warn me it would take 6 weeks so I should not be surprised. I am not but I miss the time with my horse.

Have missed you, Blessings