Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I forgot when I was writing my blog that I intended to add, I have been tagged by Barbara at Serentiy Room to tell 6 things about myself. It does not say whether they are known facts or something not so known. She had 600 recipe books. I can tell you thats not on my list. If I never cooked again I would not care but down to my 6:

1. My hair started turning white when I was 19

2. I LOVE strawberry ice cream

3. I love lilacs but am really allergic to their fragrance.

4. Inside I am still the same horse crazy girl I was when I was a kid. Still am horse crazy.

5. I would love to live in Burns, Oregon

6. I could break the bank buying books.

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Thanks all: sometimes this is fun to check each other out.

Thankful Tuesday

Let me introduce you to Tiny Tim. He is the smallest calf I have ever seen but is active and cute. I went out with my camera today and had to look for him. He can hide behind a blade of grass. I knew I was close when Mama started in my direction. I did get his picture and could check whether he was a he or a she. We put Mom in a pen with lots of grass where we can grain her and watch the little guy. She does not appear to have much milk but she is a beef cow, how be it small. They don't seem to have as large udders. She is gentle though and did not mind when we moved her away from the others. Not a white hair on him I don't think.

Back to Thankful Tuesday, though that little miracle is enough. Today I am thankful for friends. They are dear to me. I am going to talk about a few, others to be sure. First of all my friend Patty Cairns (not the same Patty as all my tears for). I don't see Patty often, but I know that all I would have to do is call and say help and she would be here. Kim is so special. I am a 2nd. mom to her although she has a wonderful Mom. Kim used to live down the road and had to audacity to move to Eureka, Montana. She is a flight attendant with Alaska Airlines and when she has a stopover in Spokane, we get together and talk and talk. My blogger friend Barbara of Serenity Gate. I got to meet her in person this spring. I count her among my friends. Janet lives in Puyallup and I have known her since I was a kid. We went camping together with her family when I was about 13 and we tried to get in the same sleeping bag and got stuck and her dad had to shake us out. We still laugh about that. And I could not leave out my oldest friend Louise who lives in Texas. We have known each other since we were 5. I wish she lived closer. We do talk on the phone rather often. Enough? You get it, I love my friends and each one whether close by in miles or far away have a very special place in my heart. I love you.

We worked a little with Rusty today. She is getting better. We will go back to the saddle in a few days and see if it works better.

Today we went into Spokane and ordered the vinyl siding for our house. I finally found some in a color I could like. Cypress Green and pure white trim. It will be delivered on Monday afternoon and the boys will get started on it. I am excited about it.

Hope your Wednesday is off the charts wonderful.