Sunday, March 21, 2010

I am a klutz even on Sunday

Yes, that is my foot. That is the bottom of my foot, that looks icky, I should have let Bob take a picture of the top. It HURTS. I am positive 2 toes are broken but nothing can be done. I dropped the cast iron lid of a cast iron pot. It hit right on the edge of the lid like a knife. That is what it felt like. DIL helped me this afternoon. Two Sundays ago, Pepper tossed me in the drink, last weekend on Saturday I fell down in gravel in Puyallup. Now this Sunday me foot. I may just take to my bed over the next weekend. And stay there.
This is my pride and joy. Sheya is a wonderful little horsemen. She has a great seat and is fearless. I got after Tom, her dad, because he did not get her helmet on her head. The next time she comes out we are going to go for a ride. She has been asking me all winter. I would have done it today but my foot kept me sitting. That is Rosie the Sheya is riding.

Maybe this is the week Sage will arrive.