Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stella and Rocky

Today we decided to go to the horse auction in Davenport. I don't know why, we just go for entertainment and end up feeling bad. Horses were better priced today and some went for well over a thousand dollars but some went for 10 and 25 too. Most of them were on the thin side and obviously needed forming and better food. There was a pen of ponies. I mean Shetland size or a little smaller. There was a very pregnant mare I wanted but I thought 50.00 was my top bid. She went for 200.00. A pair of black and white pinto ponies went for 200.00 a piece. Those were my favorites. Then came Rocky - the little bay and white gelding. Bob told me to go to 75.00 and I got him for 60.00. Then came the black filly. She is out of a full size mare and a Shetland stud so she should be about Rosie size - 13 hands. I thought Rocky was the mare and Stella was the gelding but its the other way around. She is only about 15 months old. They have been running in a big pasture so they are not too friendly yet but we will work on that. I paid 10.00 for her. Did I need another project - of course not but I have always made money on ponies and donkeys. No donkeys there so I will try to get these ready to do as soon as I can. I want to work on Stella first, get her fattened up some and get her coat shiny and then I will advertise her. Every month when we go we look for ponies and this is the first time in a long time that there have been any. Rocky is as cute as a bug and is halter trained. Am not sure how to break him to ride but first, make him friendly.

They sold three mini horses that were about 8 months old and were the scroungiest looking things, wormy, scrawney and they sold for 200.00 a piece. I thought they would go for 10 bucks but whew was I wrong. I did not want the stud nor one of the fillys, her feet and legs were awful but the other would have been nice. Someone saw something I certainly didn't.

So, that was my day. I am watching Dr. Zhivago on PBS. I loved that movie. Don't know if I will be able to stay awake until the end but I want to see Lara and Zhivago in the sleigh.


Friday, April 29, 2011

Sage is MINE

Our "lakes" were almost gone and they are back. The small one should be gone this weekend if we don't get more rain.

Sage having a snack before going to work. I sat in the sun and read while she crunched away. Then I brushed and brushed her. Think I got most of the mud balls off.

Pepper's eyes. See the white in the middle of his eyes. That is glaucoma. He can only see in the daylight. We really can't do anything about it.

Chemmy's ear. I love the donkeys ears.

My one daffodil. It had just broken into full bloom and got beat to this state by wind and hard rain.

This was in the mail today. Sage belongs to me now and not the BLM. I was pretty excited to get it.

After Sage had eaten a while, we took her to the hitch rail. She was a little jumpy about her other front foot but we got it trimmed. I had to hold it while Bob trimmed and rasped it. Sage finally just stood like a lady after the first. Then I got a saddle pad out. She acted a little snorty at first but by the time I was done she was letting me flap it all over and put it on her from either side. I could wave it all over and she just stood there. I was/am so proud of her.

I stayed up most of the night last night watching "THE" wedding. I went to bed about 5 I think. Slept until 11. I had a real chuckle at the hats. Some were beautiful and some were hysterical. I love hats but some of them were beyond me.

This evening I was going to go out and check the cows. They are all due soon. One of the cows has a history of twins so we are watching her very closely. I was trying to avoid the mud and stepped on a board and went flying flat on my back. I called Bob on my phone and he came and helped me up then we went on to check on the cows. Candy will probably have her baby by tomorrow this time. Falling is one of my fears. I will probably be sore in the morning but really was not hurt.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just a day

Our goofy kid Tom. My baby boy. He always has to do something silly when I am taking pictures. Here he just stuck his face in front of the camera. Bless his heart.

Got a few things done today. Just was too cold and windy out to do much. However we had a glorious sunset tonight so maybe tomorrow will be nicer. I want to really work with Sage really bad.

This evening was our Mustang and Burro Club meeting. We put the finishing touch on our ride and camping trip Mothers Day Weekend. We decided to keep track of our hours riding instead of distance.

I talked with my sister this afternoon and they missed the tornadoes but she said yesterday was awful. She is OK though and her whole family who all live in either Mississippi or Tennessee are fine too. I was so relieved.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rain and Housework - That Was My Day

Great Grandson Nathaniel. Isn't he happy looking. He is about the happiest little guy I know.
Nikki her hubby and her two youngest boys Easter. I hijacked these pictures from her blog. Lane is 12 and Isaac is 6.

Nothing much went on here today. I just worked on floors, changed the bed ect. And mostly what I did today was worry about my family in the South. The tornadoes were all around them. Have friends there too - my blogger friend Marlene is in Arkansas along with our pastors sister. It is awful. I grumble and complain about our weather and I hate it but its nothing like the tornadoes in the south.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Toward 1000 Blessings

I do hope this will go in a list instead of a long paragraph.

809. Christ the Lord has risen

810. Little one looking for eggs

811. Chickens that lay blue, green, brown and spotted eggs.

812. Easter Bonnets

813. Little girls in new dresses and shiny white shoes.

814. RIP Ruth, see you in heaven. A dear lady.

815. Fresh clean bedding to crawl in to.

816. Slow cookers

817. Push pins with pretty colored pusher.

818. Riding lawn mowers.

819. Getting a garden spot ready

820. My one daffodil

821. Teenagers playing with bubbles.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Back to the Rain

Our Great Granddaughter Lilianna on her Nana's deck. They moved back over to the Everett area and we don't get to see them very often now. I miss the little Princess. I thought her outfit was precious.

What Granddaughter Sheya brought me for Easter. They are so pretty. Perked up my day looking at them.

Good grief, 3 nice days and we are "blessed" with a lot of rain and snow again. We were going to go for a ride today. No such luck. I hate to complain BUT enough is enough.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

He Is Risen

The only time I thought to grab my camera was when I remembered I had bubbles and brought them out and they all said yes when I asked them if they wanted them. Nothing like a yardful of teens playing with bubbles in the wind.
Daughter Chrissy had as much fun as the kids. The wind got a little brisk but they all had fun anyway.

Skyelor is 15. When he bent over to hug me good by, I realized the top of my head came to his shoulder. I about had another hissy. My little grinny boy is huge.

The only non teenager - Sheya. Of course she wanted to ride but it wasn't a day for that.

It was a beautiful day until about 3 when the wind came up and by 5 it was grey, really really blowing and cold. It was a nice 3 days anyway. I suppose it will snow again or something like that.

The only thing growing well right now is the chives. Does anyone know if I cut them back and dehydrate them, will they grow back. I don't know.

I have one daffodil about to bloom. One, I said, just one. I forgot there was a little group at the base of a tree in the yard and it has one bloom just about to open. The lilacs should be blooming in a couple of weeks and the leaves aren't even out yet.

Hope your Easter Sunday was as good as ours. Blessings to you all especially on this special day.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Beautiful Day

I wish I had made time to go riding today, it was perfect. But other things got in the way. With 2 families coming for dinner tomorrow and 38 eggs to peel for salad and deviled eggs and potatoes to cook for potato salad and with Bob gone to Ellensburg to meet Kathy with her half a beef she ordered, life got busy. We try to get eggs every 2 hrs. Then if the magpies come, hopefully we will get them first. I think I got 23 today.

I put Pepper out on his rope to eat. You could tie him up with a hay string and he would stay there. I let Sage out to eat while I was doing the rest of the chores. She drags her rope but doesn't go anywhere. She is way more interested in the grass and the fact she knows that I have put her grain out. She just eats and eats and when I pick the rope up she comes with me like a lady horse should.

I am going to hide ten plastic eggs with money in them. The kids are too old for real egg hunts but they will like getting money.

Back to peeling the eggs. I thought Bob would be here to help but he drives like a put put driver and he isn't here yet. It takes me 2 1/2 hrs. to get to Ellensburg but he figures on 3 1/2. He probably gets better gas mileage but I still get over 30 on that drive.

Have a blessed Easter Sunday. Remember why we celebrate. Its not the eggs or the chocolate rabbits, howbeit they are run but the reason we have Easter is Jesus rose from the grave on that day to give us everlasting life.


Friday, April 22, 2011

A lovely day but sad too

This morning we went to the funeral of a great old lady. Ruth Southwick was a real character and loved the Lord with all her heart. She wore a big floppy hat, played the piano wonderfully Loved everyone with an open and totally unpretentious heart. You could not go to her home without having to have coffee or juice and home made cookies. One of her daughters lives in California now but I knew her years ago. It was good to hug her and tell her we knew her mom was rejoicing in heaven.
Bob took a picture of this at a yard sale we went to today. He wants to make some himself.

A black hen sitting in the horse feeder. She had several eggs under her when she got up. Several other hens had used the nest before her. I think we got 22 eggs today.

Where Bob got stuck so bad with the tractor. Its still muddy but most of the water has gone.

What is left of out lake. It was from the top of the picture to the edge of the lawn and you can see sideways where it was and behind me about 5'. Now its just a mud hold.

Bob working on Yuma's foot. I was scratching behind his ears and he through up his head up and squashed my hand between his head and the hitch rail. It is swollen and turning purple but it isn't hurting so much now. He didn't mean to do it.

Someone chewed half his tail off. It was clear to the ground. He and one other horse but I am not going to name her because her "mom" will be upset. Don't know who did it.

Patrick and Brady. I could have walked up to them if Brady's mom had not told him no. They are doing very well. Candy looks ready to calve pretty soon. We have to watch her with her history of twining.

So that's my day, Sage got out to eat a little grass and for some grooming. Bob had to fix fence because Abby decided to go through it again. She is a real twit. So Sage did not get worked but she enjoyed the eating out.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Snow and a record at that

Our Easter eggs from gathering today. The magpies got away with some but we got a good amount anyway. Isn't that a colorful carton full. That wasn't quite all but almost.

All that and snow off and on all day long. I heard on the news that we got 1/4 inch which does not sound like much but a record for this day in all time. Frankly, I want winter to leave and let us have some nice weather. They are saying tomorrow and Sunday should be OK. That will be good. All the little girls in their fancy dresses and white shoes should do OK.

Sage got the day off. Snow does something to my willingness to go out and play. Bob did work with Emma. She either has to give in or go home and he will put her down so we just are not giving up on her. Winter did not help and Bob's back put a crimp in her training. Now he is back at it.

Yesterday I mentioned that this is the beginning of four years of blogging. I am a bit puzzled however. 24,038 people have looked at it, that is 31 since this morning, it was that count at 4 this afternoon but only 2 people commented. I LOVE having comments. Thank you two who are faithful commenter's.There are a few others who are faithful too and it is such an encouragement.

Bob is off to a Back Country Horsemen meeting in Deer Park, not the group he is president of, but I just did not feel like going out this evening. We have a funeral to go to in the morning and I will have to get up earlier than usual to get ready and be in to the church in time. We have known her for a long time and it makes me sad.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sun until this afternoon late

We thought we had Emma in a place where we could get a halter back on her. She is the toughest nut to crack we have ever had. She broke out and then out into a pasture. Bob thought she was off to parts unknown but she just stopped and looked at us. I opened a gate and she went back into the round pen. I guess she had not been out in so long it was safer there.

Sage got her first pedicure today. She has been tough about her feet but with that foot especially she was very good. It has taken a while to get her to that point though. Now to get to her hind feet. They are terrible. Her feet are very tough but as long as I fed her she would stand there. We put alfalfa stuff from the floor of the loft in a bucket and she though she was in heaven.

Then I took her up on the lawn to eat. I just dropped the rope and she stayed right there and ate to her hearts content.

Rowdy. He has a brother that looks very much like him. His name is Rafee.

Don't know what kind this chicken is but we have 7. I think they lay green eggs. We have several black and some brown and a black and white checkered one. Also three small hens. None lay white eggs.

Oh the grass was so good. I used to let Sierra just go eat and she stuck around good. Sage just stayed really close but watched me when I was putting the feed in their stalls. When I picked up her rope, she knew where we were going.

Had the funniest thing ever this evening. I tossed the leftover stuff from making the salad for dinner - such as an avocado skin and the end of a small zucchini. Two hens were after the zucchini end. They were having a stare down, another hen ran up and grabbed it while the two others were staring at each other.

This is the start of my fourth year of blogging. Am flabbergasted with the amount of people who have logged on. Thank you all who are faithful and have been a real encouragement to me.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Busy weekend, shopping and snow

This past weekend I worked at a horse show out in the Spokane Valley called the Fat and Fuzzy Show. This little guy was both. It was a good show but very cold and windy.
My friend Mary on her draft mare Gigi. She (the horse, not Mary) was a rescue from the premerin horses in Canada.

Another friend Sandy driving her pony. He won everything.

I don't know who this little girl was but she looked cute sitting on her dad's feet.

Gigi again with Sandy aboard in the beginning English Pleasure class. She did very well.

I almost called Taylor a little girl but at 16 she might no like it. I started giving her riding lessons when she was 5. She got so scared, I told her mother to wait. Her mother passed away about a year or two ago from breast cancer. Taylor is a sweet young woman.

This is Shanna and she won the 10 and under high point. Isn't she cute.

Yesterday I shopped ALL day for a new dress for Easter and one I can put away and have for Katie's wedding. I think I went to every store in town that I could afford to shop in. They all looked alike and one I could have lived with was too short for a 72 year old great grandmother. I was totally frustrated. Then I thought of a dress I had that I have not worn for a while. It won't work for Katie's wedding because it is solid white but it will for Easter. It is going to be a little big but it will work.

Yesterday it snowed almost all day. Did not stick much but it came down. At the place they keep measurements, it was an inch and a record. Enough of the records, I want WARM. Today wasn't much better.

I worked with Sage for a while today. Her feet are awful and we must get them done. I could have gotten one front foot worked today, she was very good and then Bob started the tractor close by and enough of the feet business. I did get her to go both ways of the pen without bucking and kicking up and having a jolly good time. She just stands around until I go and try to work her and then the action starts for a few minutes. Then she settles down and does what I ask of her.

Yesterday Bob drove our next door neighbor to Seattle to the Veterans Hospital. He had cancer surgery today. They had to remove part of his tongue and inside of his mouth. He has two dippy brothers that would rob him blind and no other living relatives. Please pray for him. He is a nice man who unfortunately drinks too much.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Snuffy nose but better

Made a trip in to see the doctor today. I must be better by the weekend when I have to work at the Fat and Fuzzy Horseshow at Valley Mission Arena. The weather does not seem too promising. He put me on an antibiotic for a sinus infection which is what I really thought it was. Sage is such a character. We worked with her feet again today and she was much better. I imagine if we keep at this Bob will be able to work on at least her front feet by next week. When she does good and we pet her and tell her she flaps her lips looking for a treat. I really have spoiled her I think. I didn't feel like standing out in the wind for her to eat grass for 45 minutes today and she was really put out with me. When Bob put her in this evening Pepper was aggrevated because she went first and ran at the fence and she reared up some. She does not kick or bite but that front end is light and that gives me a little concern. No other news really, kind of a dull place around here. I want to get outside and work but this weather is not cooperating. Blessings

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


That is how I feel, yuck. This cold has attacked with a vengeance today. I am tired of it already. I did go out and work with Sage a while. Groomed half a ton of hair off of her and we worked on picking up feet. Bob came and helped me. She got it pretty easily. Especially when I fed her treats. She is really a character. And that was my day. My head is gigantic and my eyes feel like they are popping out. Blessings.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Cold Got Me

He was strutting for the girls. There were a dozen or more and he was really showing off. Isn't she pretty. No matter show many we see, the just touch me.
Our newest baby - Brady. His mother is Martha. He is a lively one, at the point of the picture he was about 3 hrs. old.
He was showing off for us.
This a heifer, she will have a baby next year. We named her Andi because that is who we got her from last October.
This is Patrick and his mom. She was observing us watching Brady. Both the baby boys got their BO C shot today and bands put on them. Now they can just eat and grow.

I miss the boys a lot. But am enjoying the quiet also. Guess we can't have both. Unfortunately Lane left me with a relative to his cold. Didn't even get dressed yesterday but it was better today.

I know everyone is suffering with the gas prices. When they said on the news there was plenty of gas and the high prices are due to speculators. That really ticked me off bad. I knew that but today it just really ticked me. My Camry gets wonderful gas mileage - almost always over 30 mph- but it cost us over $50.00 to fill it 3/4 of a tank this evening. We have been planning a trip to Oregon with the truck this summer to ride in the Steens Mountains with friends but with diesel approaching 5.00 a gallon, no way will we be able to go. Won't be able to go to Montana to ride either. We don't go much of anyplace at all. When you live on SS it does not leave much extra. I know I am spouting off but I just am so angry. Knowing the current administration could do something if he wanted makes me more angry. I know we are not alone, but its our budget that I know about.

And to top that off, we got a letter from our doctor who has been our doctor for 40 years, yes 40 years is retiring in a month. To find a doctor I like and trust again is going to be tough. He knows everything about me, saw me through our baby girl dieing and my heart problem and stroke and on and on. He knows our kids, our animals ect. I don't begrudge him retiring, he has earned it but I hate the process.

Enough venting. Blessings

Monday, April 11, 2011

Don't Knowq

I have typed and retyped the 100 blessings but can not get it to go in a list so am sending it this way. Never have had this problem before. Sorry

Onward to 1000 Blessings

757, Cranraisens 758. Cranraisens infused with Pomegranate juice 759. Strawberry Milkshakes 760. Learning to give injections to the animals 761. Quiet 762. Fresh crisp green salads 763. Pepper survived colic again 764. Sunday afternoons 765. New friends 766. My washer and dryer 767. Our well that is deep and pure. 768. Scones 768. Blueberry muffins 769. Psalm 40:5 770. Alexa's 18th. birthday 771. White Chili 772. Life's Healing Choices by Tom Baker 773. Pink headphones 774. Finding a box of pictures I had been looking for 775. Apple Crisp 776. Raspberry Lemonade 777. Safe arrival of Patrick (calf) 778. Bob's brothers safe surgery 779. Tulapia 780. Equine Nutritionist 781. Sweetly Broken by Jeremy Riddle 782. Warm towels 783. Watching grand kids eat S'mores 784. Crisp bacon 785. Home made burgers 786. My girls going through old pictures together 787. Our small group from church 788. Little ones first horseback ride 789. Angels 790. Eagles live stream from nest from web cam at nest 791. Wendy pruned the apple tree 792. Grandsons roasting marshmallows 793. A week with two grandsons 794. My new slippers 795. Julies Chicken Logic (blog) 796. Tim Hawkins Comedy 797. Hash Browns 798. One on one time with Nikki 799. The Washington State Horsemen publication the "Canter" 800. Jelly beans 801. Breakfast Burritos 802. Romans 10:17 803. Cowgirl granddaughter 804. The first ride of the season 805. Green leaves sprouting out 806. 2Timothy 2:15-16 807. Green grass finally 808. New baby calf Brady

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tune Up Clinic and weary bones

At the Red Top Stables today the Back Country Horsemen had their Tune Up Clinic. This baby was 2 days old today. He was so cute, I just had to take pictures of him. This mare kept peeking around the corner at us. She had such a soft eye.
No comment necessary
The view from the back door of the arena. It is looking north. The arena is off Idaho Rd. If anyone knows where Terry Toms arena was before he died, this is it. It is not far from Rathdrum.
Isaac did not look too happy here but he was, we were talking. I promised him a ride but I am just too tired to ride so I walked him around.
Bob picked up my camera and took some pictures. Most would have been better with the long lens on but am glad anyway that he took some.
Rosie was thirsty so stopped at the pool that never got turned over this winter. All the water in it is a result of rain and snow..

I think I walked 110 miles today or at least my feet and legs feel like it. We sold about half of the burritos and the rest are in our freezer. Everyone said they were good so I am assuming they really thought that. I thought so anyway.

Tomorrow we take the boys to Wenatchee to see their mother. It will be good to have the house to ourselves but I will miss them terribly. So does their mother however.