Monday, February 22, 2010

Introductions Are In Order

This black and white beauty is SAGE. She is MINE. I am so excited and anxious to get her home and to get started on her. She was not part of the competitive auction but out in the pens and I got to adopt her after the bidding was over. A walk up they called it. Whatever they call it, I got her. She will be delivered within a week or as much as a month. Hopefully not that long. I left a halter and lead rope for her. She will look pretty in purple.
Nikki and I had an awesome time and I will have a lot of pictures to post. Not only did we have fun at the corrals, we made two trips out to the South Steens and saw groups of horses both times. Ones was a tiny white looking foal, lots of pintos, Tracey's love Honor, a Bachelor that came over the hill trotting and trotted right towards us and then went and stood under a tree, some we could walk up to 100 feet of, lots of deer. I will be talking more about it but I am exhausted tonight. I drove home from Marysville this morning. My very own bed is calling.
Gratefulness fills my heart today.