Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I really rode her today, not attached to the hit rail. Bob started out leading her around outside the round pen and then he led us into the round pen and let out the lunge line. He could not let me go completely on my own. I rode her around and reversed and figure 8's for better part of an hour. I backed her and bent her head both ways. To the left is not so good but easily to the right. Tomorrow I swear I am going to make him let go of me.
I wanted to shout but know better than that. A slow comfy walk was all we did and she was very relaxed.

Wrangler and Liberty. I sat on the ground to get the picture I wanted and was attacked by ants. I thought I was going to have to strip out there in the pasture. Didn't, but could feel them crawling even after they were gone.

Miss Liberty.


Abby. Her tail is growing back quite nicely. Better than Wranglers but his is growing too. Silly horses to chew each others tails off.

A load of hay. We have about 3/4 of our hay in. Bob is mowing for the guy to pay for most of it. That is a relief.

Bob and I will be heading for town shortly. We have to make a trip to Aslin Finch and then to Couer d'Alene to our Back Country Horsemen meeting this evening. Its been a super day.