Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Overflowing with grandchildren

Our snowflake appaloosa. Actually its Pepper, we didn't get him in before the storm hit.

The house is full of boys and one little blue eyed girl. She is a tomboy though so no fear. They are down playing in the barn. Lane is beside himself to have his cousins here. The sky before it opened up.
I am doing a Photo Challenge on Facebook and today was something I would like to change. This is my picture - the weather. Hate this for the kids spring break. Its awful.

Today I made 55 breakfast burritos. Have 35 more to do. We need 90 on Saturday morning at our Back Country Horsemen Tune Up Clinic. We sell them for $1.00 for a burrito and a cup of orange juice. I have never made them before but the person who does told me how. They are going in the freezer for now. Quite an undertaking.

A storm of lightening and thunder is coming by so off goes the computer. Blessings to you all.