Tuesday, December 30, 2008

God's Snowballs

The wind left these snowballs across the flat fields across the road, and as in this picture, our front yard and pasture. I told Bob God was throwing snowballs at us. Interesting. I had never seen that before.

The barn horses got out today. As usual Dixie and Ditto just walked beside me with a hay string around their necks but then Pepper. You would think he was a yearling just learning to lead. He had to have a halter and lead on. He did not want to walk thru the deep snow but he wanted me too. He kept shoving me out of the path and I kept shoving back. When we got to the gate he kicked up his heels and snorted and bucked off and rolled in the snow. The old fat boy surely does give us a lot of chuckles. The others are doing well with all the snow. They have their shed but seem to more enjoy being outside. Liberty is showing her usual winter weight loss though and when Tyler gets back they will fix the last stall so she can come in too. She only lets him catch her without a hassle.

The Christmas tree came down today. I have been un-decorating it for a few days but the last of it came off and it came down and is packed away in its box. Now to get one of the guys to put it back in the back closet for me. Bob is so tired after shoveling and plowing all day I am not worrying him about doing it but Tyler should be home tomorrow. He was supposed to come today but he didn't. He should have with a break in the weather and the passes being good. Oh well, at 20 he knows it all you know. I have left his room as is, the last time he went to his parents for a few days I cleaned it up and changed his bed but not this time. He can do it. We love him and are grateful for his being here but sometimes he forgets he is 20 and I am not his maid.

Nothing much else. I put Maggie out for her potty break and watched her and she went right back out toward the road. You would think getting hit less than a week ago she would have learned. Guess not. she will go back on her cable when she is not in the house.

Bob did not ride Rusty, too busy plowing while we had a break. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. I'm excited to hear about Bob's ride in the snow! I guess we'll have to wait.

    We have a dog named Maggie, too! I'm glad to hear that yours is okay.

    And, those snowballs--now that is WEIRD!!! Is that some kind of sign? And, if so, what in the heck does it mean?!?

  2. We saw some of those snowballs today in a big wheat field. I pointed it out to the kids and my son said, "This is where they grow snowballs." So from then on when we saw them they were snowball farms. He cracks me up sometimes.

  3. I might be worried if God were throwing snowballs at me... =>

  4. Lea,
    Here is a link to the explanation for your snowballs. They are indeed rare.

    You may have to copy and past this into your address line if it doesn't come thru as a clickable link.



  5. The snowball thing I've never seen before!!! Amazing!!!