Monday, January 2, 2012

Sage, Sage and Sage

One of my favorite pictures of Sage. Love her nose. None of these pictures were taken today but I did work with her. I am anxious to ride again. Maybe tomorrow if the weather stays like this.

She made me almost cry today. I went to get her and she trotted a long ways right up to me. She is so sweet and I know she loves me.

I have tons of pictures of her. Ditto is getting a little jealous of the attention Sage gets. She came up to me too. I had to go get treats to give to her. She is 31 this year, getting a little low in the back but is still bright eyed and not arthritic at all.

Thank you for letting me gush on and on about my Sage. She is a gift to me.

Blessings on and all,