Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thinking Thursday

A few years ago I wrote about this wagon and decided to do it again.  I am going to be thinking about different things on Thursdays.

This little wagon has been around our place for a long time.  It is a little worse for wear but still has loveing memories.  I can imagine the things that happened before we got the wagon at a yard sale I think.  I can see a little blonde boy with his hands over his mouth jumping up and down in excitement over what Santa had brought him.  He pulled it around and around and his mama and daddy pulled him and his baby sister in it too.  He grew up and the wagon was just in a corner of his parents garage.  They decided to clean out their garage.  Thus the yard sale and we bought it.

We were just starting to have grandchildren.  They played with it,
pulling each other, toys, hay and what have you all around.  As they got older, they attatched it to the four wheeler and pulled the younger kids around.  They pulled it with their bikes, they have pulled it behind the tractor with Grandpa. 

Now our grandchildren are growing up and have outgrown the little red wagon.  But we have the great grandchildren now.  They don't come out so much but when they do, the little Red Radio Flyer will be here, tucked away in the corner of the barn waiting for the.