Thursday, June 18, 2009


The siding is going on. I love it, love it , love it. This was taken yesterday. Its a little further today. Steve will not be out over the weekend so it will be Monday until more gets done. Our new door should be here on Monday too.
Linda and Beautiful. And she is beautiful. I did her Compliance Check today so she will soon get her title. It was fun.
Linda did not want me to take a picture of this side because she had layed in the manure but it was OK. She is truley a wonderful young horse.

This is Granny's brand. We shaved it to read it to make sure it was correct. She is so gentle and cooperative. We have her on grass, Sr. feed, and grass hay. I am going to mix a little beet pulp to see if she will eat that. That should put some weight on her.
I am leaving in the morning to have my PT appointment and then off to Walla Walla. Saturday I work a horse show in Milton Freewater, Oregon and then Sunday at a show in WW. I hope its not too hot Saturday. There is no shade at the Possee Grounds.
Remember: Friendship is the gold thread that ties the hearts of all the world.
John Evelyn
Friends are very important to me - hope they are to you too. Have a wonderful weekend.