Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kitties kitties everywhere

This is what Bob found when he went to the barn this morning. There are five babies cuddled under all that fluff. This is Fluffy.
These are Fluffy's babies.

And this is what we found this evening. These two sisters were dumped off here when they could barely toddle. Now they have babies in the same nest. Have never seen anything like it. Bob went to water the donks and wanted to check on Fluffy and her gang and this is what he found. Fancy is the smaller of the two and her babies are in there too. Is that not a picture?
We had our Mustang Club meeting tonight. A very good meeting. Anyone want to make a donation of a saddle for high point. I got made fun of by Bob for thinking so big. Maybe a belt buckle or a breast collar. Anything really. I am so encouraged that everyone is pitching in and wants to help. YaY all of you.,
Remember tonight and tomorrow night are the end of my give away. I will give the winner Saturday the 1st. Thanks to all who have commented. And Thanks to everyone who read this little gabfest and don't comment. I know you are there because I see the count rising.
Sage was good today. Andrea and Laura came to visit her and she is not overly fond of visitors. Most days it is just she and I and that is what she is used to. Mary is coming on Monday to visit so she had better get used to it. Katie is coming out to work horses tomorrow so she will be putzing around and that will be good for her.l
Thats it for today.