Sunday, December 6, 2009


Me and my fancy red shoes. Joy, this is for you. I found out I could walk on them just fine and dandy but would not have wanted to walk too far.

On the SIXTH day of Christmas I have SIX pretty dishes. I got the blue one for a wedding present 52 years ago. The pink one is part of the set of my grandmothers dishes. She never broke one, I did. I had hysteria. The small white one is English bone china. I paid a dollar for it at a yard sale. The pear shaped one came from Bob's parents. There are 4 of them. The other two I have had for 40 years anyway but were inexpensive.

This is our cat Trouble. He is appropriately named. I can't remember how old he is. About 10 I think. He had been laying down with his feet straight up in the air but when I moved and got the camera he moved. He is an arrogant guy. He doesn't want to be touched unless he instigates it and then you can't get rid of him. Last month when the guy was here working on the furnace he had to call to me to come get him. He would not leave him alone.
For some reason, once again, I got two pictures. I wish I knew what I did to do it or how to get rid of it.

This was a cold weekend but no snow. We went to church this morning and we almost always see deer, coyotes and lots of turkeys but this morning it was very windy and about 5 degrees and we saw 2 turkeys. I did not blame them. I would be hunkered down someplace if I was them. Winter is surely here.
I hope your weeked is blessed.