Thursday, November 8, 2012


Still no pictures.  My camera didn't seem to work to get a picture of our first snow of the season.  Boy it was cold on my face when I went to put Ditto in.  Sage doesn't need to go in the barn but she thought she did.  She has shelter.  Ditto is so old I put her in the barn in the winter when the weather gets nasty.

Very good news today.  Tracey got Flirt caught and home.  Two from the BLM in Burns, Oregon came to help.  They located her yesterday late afternoon and saw her but it was nearly dark and she had obviously been in the same area for a while.  They had a dart gun and this morning Wendy darted her.  Then got a rope on her and she "led" very wobbly footed out to the trailer and got right in.  So Flirt is home and was hungry and seems to be secure.  She allowed them to touch her and rub her neck and head.  Time will tell when she is not under sedation whether she will be so willing.  9 days is a long time to be looking for a young horse.  It appears she has lost about 100 pounds but otherwise not the worse for wear. 

I will surely try to have pictures tomorrow but no promise. 

Blessings to you all.