Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The lillies in my front yard. I was afraid that they would get hurt when they were siding the house but they didn't. I brought these plants with me from Spokane when we moved out there in 1993. I need to seperate them but they are very pretty. They certainly brighten up the front yard with a minimum of effort.

The hottest day of the summer so far. Our cooler does not seem to cool our bedroom. We need a window open a little to suck the cool air this way. We don't have screens on so if we open the window the bugs come in. Just decided the bugs were the lesser of the evils.

Tomorrow morning as soon as they open I will get my hair trimmed, mostly because my bangs are hanging in my face and driving me NUTS. Then I will come back, load the car with my bag and Lanes stuff and we head for his home. I am so thankful that we have good airconditioning in the car. Nikki -his mom- and I have plans for Friday and on Saturday I will judge at the Youth and Yearlings mustang show in Arlington. It will be fun.

I did not go out much until this evening. Bob caught Amelia and moved her out of her pasture into another one. She had been sharing it with two large billy goats. The were good company but you have to stand and hold her food or they chase her away and eat it. She is so non aggresive that she lets them. She is so sweet.

I have access to the computer at Nikki's so I should not get too much behind here.

Remember: A tiny boquet of fresh cut flowers can fill a room with sunshine but a little act of kindness can fill a heart with joy. Katherine Nelson