Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Sunflower Day

On Photo Challenger's Unite on Face book, this is my photo of the day. The word(s) today was UP HIGH.

The saddle on the built up pad worked better but not exactly what I had hoped. I need a tree with full quarter horse bars in it. A neighbor loaned me a saddle but its narrower than mine is.
She was not so nice today. When I caught her she had a snarky look in her eye and it did not get better. I rode her about 15 minutes. She fought the bit, would not flex and was not happy. I decided we needed to go back to some basics so I tied her head around to the right. She flexed to the left fine. After about 20 minutes she was standing calm and I took the saddle off and reins off the bridle and left her in the round pen with the bit on for about an hour. I will try again tomorrow.

Tomorrow I see the doctor about my hand. Its really miserable. I have put it off because I wanted to get Sage started. Don't know exactly what is the problem.

Hope your day was wonderful, Blessings.