Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hot and Windy Day

Yesterday Isaac rode Rosie all over. I was a bad Grandma. I kept him covered with sunscreen but forgot his legs. They got quite red.

Isaac and Sheya, my little horse lovers, riding in the arena. Its not too much of an arena this year but gives them a confined, sort of, area to ride. They wanted to go down the road. I don't think so. Maybe at some point but not yet. When I was their age I rode my horse all over the neighborhood. A different age though.

Doing circles around the barrels.

I needed to tell him to drop his heels and he will have to graduate to the next up saddle. I am glad we have two smaller saddles.

Isaac riding this morning. It was very hot and he didn't ride as long as yesterday.

Somehow a duplicate

Poppy's in the front yard.

Miss Sheya and Pepper

I don't remember what these are but they came back this year. So cheerful.

My sweet boy and my sweet pony.

Pistol going for a swim but they can't get out on their own. It had to feel good. It was over 90 yesterday.

The boys parents will be here tomorrow and they are going home Sunday. I will miss them terribly and so will Rosie and Chemmy.


Closer to 1000 Blessings.

868 - the lawn furniture that I painted Watermelon Pink and Purple

869 - Sheya winning an attendance award

870 - Cameron hooking up my router

871 - The garden peeking up

872 - High Speed Internet the works

873 - A lovely daughters birthday\

874 - Home grown fryer chickens

875 - Spending the day with Nikki just ambling around Seattle

876 - A friends 70Th birthday party

877 - Isaac riding Chemmy the donkey

878 - The pool is filled

879 - 2 grandsons for 2 weeks

880 - hugs from great grandchildren

881 - That I had parents that loved each other

882 - Celebrating a grandsons 7Th birthday

883 - Happy Birthday America

884 - Picnic's with friends

885 - Bug spray

886 - Chapstick

887 - Cousins playing

888 - Horses that let children ride and are careful with them.