Monday, April 2, 2012

A Great Day

Sage's cut that is all healed and the hair is starting to grow over even there. You can see how wide it was to start with. Hope it doesn't scar but its OK. It is really wonderful how it has healed up.
I groomed Ditto and that is a drop in the bucket to all what I got off her. The birds will have plenty to make nests out of.

I turned the old dear loose to pick at the green grass. Her back is sagging so and her knees are getting lumpy but other than that, she is in good health.

After Sage and I had worked for an hour or so I let her loose in the yard to nibble too. She thought she was in heaven I think. She started walking away and I hollered at her and said "where do you think you are going" and she stopped and went back. I think, in my head anyway, she was looking for me and when she saw me she went back to eating.

We lunged both ways, backed with just the wiggle of the rope, stepped over with her hind legs while keeping the front one still, flexed both ways, picked up her front feet and we worked on the hind feet. She still is not too sure about them. I used a cotton rope to lift them. She needs her feet trimmed.

Instead of trimming feet Bob and Katie worked on the fencing.

The tree in the front yard is getting ready to burst forth. That makes me happy

And the daffodils are up and will bloom later. They are at the base of the tree.

So that was my day other than we went to the cow auction this morning. Bob goes for entertainment and I wondered why I wanted to go.

My friend Marlene at Stitchin By the Lake blog is doing something and I thought I would do it to. It is going through the alphabet and describing yourself. So here goes -

A is for articulate. I really can express myself well and have done enough speaking here and there that it is easy for me. So Articulate it is for today.

Remember to comment on my blog. The more days you comment the more entries you will have. The prize is a surprise but I promise you will like it.

A happy day tomorrow for you,