Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring break - bad weather

My "Christmas" Cactus is blooming. It started to season appropriate but for some reason all the buds fell off. Now its blooming. Lane and Isaac this morning taking hay to the cows. They had a good time. They thought they were pretty big stuff.

Lane had a stuffed animal wolf with him. Pistol thought it might be real. It cracked us up.

I got groceries today and nothing else outside the house. Had a great time with the boys when they were in the house. There most fun thing is hunting eggs. We are having an Easter Egg hunt every days. They lay their eggs all over the place.

Tomorrow will be a busier day because 3 more grandkids are coming to add to the mix for a couple of days. That will be quite a group 4 boys and 1 girl between 13 and 6. Whoo.