Saturday, April 28, 2012

Looking Back

These are all pictures I took either at the adoption or out in the South Steens. It was the year I got Sage.

These are South Steens beauties. Tracey or Deb or Maggie can probably tell us who they are.
It was so fun to see the horses. It always is. I get so excited every time.

In the corrals

Nice little horse.

Love this picture.

Today we loaded up 5 horses in our 4 horse trailer and went to our Tune Up Clinic over at Red Top Stables near Post Falls. They all got their Coggin's, Health Certificates, and their shots including West Nile. Now I just have to get a Brand Inspection done on Sage and we are ready to go. Anywhere that's where I want to go. Sage did well. She did not like the blood draw but I don't either so I did not blame her.

We came home and both took good naps until Katie called and woke me up and then called Bob and woke him up. Bless her heart. Bob went back to sleep and slept a long time more. It felt good for both of us. We had to leave here about 7 so it was an early day.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Thank you BLM

Today in the mail, these plaques arrived. What a surprise and what a blessing. I wrote them a thank you immediately.

We are body clipping Rocky. His hair is so long and thick he has been miserable. How is that hair do - a punk rocker for sure.

He tried to smell my camera when I was trying to take his picture.

I was going to ride today but the wind was so cold and I just didn't want to do it.


Thursday, April 26, 2012


This picture of Sage was just before I got on her to ride. I had lunged her some. I don't think I would need to but I still do, just in case she would get a funny idea.

Last night I worked for an hour trying to get these loaded but since the weather was so dreadful I blamed it on that and turned the computer off. Still had a little problem this morning but finally got it to work. It just kept leaving the scene and when it popped back up no pictures to behold. So now if I get this written and posted I will have accomplished a great deal.
Me riding

She is used to the cones OK and turns and weaves around them just fine.

Bob worked with Emma again yesterday. She has had the entire winter off but he made some progress with her. Still her head is the biggest issue. She will NOT let you touch it.

But he could touch her legs. He may get to do her feet yet without ever having touched her head.

It is pouring rain today and occasional rumbles of thunder in the distance. So needless to say, I won't be riding today. Drat.

Cindy got her rug and said she liked it. That makes me feel good.

This evening is our Mustang Club meeting at Denny's. Hope you will all be there.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Its in the mail

This is similar to the one I mailed Cindy this morning. She should get it tomorrow. It is the same size but the colors are a little different. Hope you enjoy it Cindy. I love making the rugs and hope to have a market for them one of these days.

Congratulations Cindy, you are a faithful commenter. Hope I can meet you someday.

For the first time I have 2 daffodils blooming. I planted several bulbs but only one gave me a flower but this year.......I got 2.

The first one. They are just about my favorite flowers.

M is for Mustang Lover,

As if you didn't know that. Especially my Sage. I rode her today in the arena. She did her lock up trick again today and we did lots of little circles. Katie brought me my riding bat with the popper on it and I got her going and she looked like she was saying, Oh, is this what you wanted. We rode and did figure 8's around the cones both ways and through blue barrels. I was very proud of her. Tomorrow I will try it again. She had a bolt, jump thing on the way to the hitch rail, a piece of plastic started waving under neath her. The she just stood there and Katie picked it up and put it in the garbage. She is learning. So am I.


Monday, April 23, 2012

And the winner is......................

And the winner is

Cindy Kingma.

If you will e mail your mailing address at I will put your surprise in the mail tomorrow. After I mail it, I will post a picture here. I hope you like it. It was made with love for all who read my blog and comment. I am so thankful for all my new blogger friends. I meant to look at the number of people who have read this blog since I started. Thank you and blessings to you all.



Computer Disruption = darn

Yesterday I went to put my blog up and could not get to the Internet. I think I had something to do with Blogger but Cameron came over and did what he could.

I worked with Sage yesterday but didn't get to ride because I can't get to my saddle in the horse trailer. Bob needs to get the tack room unloaded. There are bales of hay in the way. Maybe today. I introduced her to road cones yesterday. She thought they were spooky but finally got her close and actually backed her in a circle around one.

Yesterday was out hottest day and it was hard for us. But I loved it.

At 5 PM our time (PDT) I will draw a number for the prize.

Thanks for you patience, and blessings.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Remember my Comment drawing ends in three days at 5:00 PM - Monday the 23rd.

Bob is off hauling a very sick horse to the clinic for Dr. Peters and McKinley. He is on their on call list to haul horses when needed. I hope the horse is OK. Dr. Peters has been with her most of the afternoon.

A beautiful afternoon. I helped Bob put in a gate to where Sage Ditto and Ezra are. There is a gate but its clear on the other side and this will be way more convenient. We will put up another gate tomorrow so Raspberry has a run too. She can be out when we are out but she wanders when we aren't and I know she will eat my flowers.

Yesterday my sister and I were looking up some genealogy on line. She belongs to and we traced our family tree back to King Henry 11 of England in 1183. I think royalty got lost between then and now. I am looking for a birth certificate for my dad. The first thing we could find was a census in 19l0 when he was 5.


L Is For.........................

L is for Lea

Its just who I am. On the short side, a little overweight, white hair (it started when I was 19), loving my husband of almost 55 years, get my feelings hurt easily, am crazy about horses, particularly wild ones and more particularly one named Sage. I dislike cooking, I love to crotchet, I love to read. I am a Christian and I love upbeat worship music. Really can't be too loud for me. My favorite vacation ever was a week spent in Key West, Florida with my sister.

I have one sister who lives in Normandy, Tennessee that I miss so much sometimes it makes me cry. She has a daughter named Tina who has two boys, a son named Daniel who has l son and a daughter who has l daughter, my special grandniece who loves horses like I do named Caroline.

I have besides my best friend and husband Bob, A son named Steven and his wife named Debbie, a son named Scott who lived in heaven with Jesus, a daughter named Nikki and her husband named Carmen, A daughter named Coreen who lives in heaven with Scott, A daughter named Christyn and her SO Wendy, and a son named Tom and his wife Christy. They have given us l7 grandchildren and 7 greats.

So that is what L is for



Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Donkey Day

Yuma getting his feet trimmed up. Chemmy did too. That is really hard on Bob's back working on the short legged guys.

Yuma was not too thrilled about it.

We are in the light pattern for Fairchild and this guy kept going over and around and over again.

Funnel clouds in the area but nothing touched down. I don't even like the sound of that.

Keep up the commenting. Love hearing from you all. To you who have asked, Sage is not going any where. She is a gift from God to me.

K is for Kind
I hope that is me. I want to be kind to everyone. I try.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

J is for.................

J is for Jealous, I hate to admit that, makes me embarrassed. I am jealous of families who seem to have it all together, their kids all get along and everything is awesome, I am jealous of people who get to travel to wonderful places that I never will get to, I am jealous of things I have no reason to be jealous of but I am. Sorry.

Last of the Weekend in Pictures

Mary on Black, her mustang mare and her SO Pat. We had a good time on Sunday with them. We are at Wall Lake.

Me unfettered, on my own riding. I must have ridden 3/4 miles alone with her. She did really well. She only gave me one start and I think something was in the grass under her feet and she jumped way up over a little hill. Jolted me but we came down together where I belonged. That was her only problem. She did not like the gates. Bob had to pony me through most of them.

Mary and Black. I love that picture. She is a good friend.

We did have a great time and I really hope we get to do it again before too long.

Thanks for the comments, keep it up. I have the surprise ready to mail when I know who its going to.


Monday, April 16, 2012

2nd. Day of Pictures

Towle Falls on Rock Creek. It does look more like a river this time of the year.

The second place the falls come over. It is so beautiful.

Another view

A third place water spills over the rocks.

And Sage eating along side Wrangler. It was a good place to have a rest and a snack. Sage did really well and was just ponied that day. I would have had a better ride on her. Raven was a tough ride. She gave me a run for my money. Not bucking, just wanting to be first or wanting to jug along. My arms got really tired.

Sage was wonderful all but one moment. Something spooked her and I was in front of her. She tried to miss me, but didn't and knocked me head over tea kettle into a dry ditch. Hit my head pretty hard but it was soft dirt. Knocked me a little coocoo for a moment but got back up and rode Raven back. My head ached for about half an hour and that was all. She felt bad and came back to me. She would never delibertly hurt me. There were some hikers that I think scared her. I am fine, no one worry.

We had a really good turn out for the ride. I was so sorry Marilyn and Dave could not make it but there was Laura, Alexa and Taylor, Andrea and her sister Amy and their kids, Mary and her SO Pat, Bea came down and hiked and camped with us. She can't ride yet since her hip replacement. Then of course Bob and I. John, Andrea's husband came down on Saturday to spend the day, and Andrea and Amy's step dad came down to hike. He is preparing to hike Mt. Rainer. We had a good potluck and everyone ate until we were stuffed. How fun? It was great.

One week from today you will know who wins my surprise. Keep up the commenting. Thank you so much.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Home and First of Pictures

Sage ready to go. We had quite a time getting there. Driving down the freeway just before Sprague which was out turn off the transmission went out in the truck. Just like that, gone. We thank God for good neighbors. Wonderful neighbors. Bob called Shannon and she came after the trailer full of horses and all our stuff for the weekend. Then he called John who came after the truck with his car hauler trailer and brought our truck home. I thought our weekend was lost but Shannon loaded us her truck, so horses back in and we were off.
Riding down the trail towards Towle Falls. It was a 3.8 mile ride to the falls.

Taking a break.

Still on the break

I walked up a little hill and took this picture. It is such beautiful country.

Tomorrow I will post more of the pictures.

To say I am tired is too mild of a word.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

It doesn't pay toblog when sleepy

Sorry for the mess I left. I was for indulgent with my grandchildren. Why not indulge them.

I was falling asleep last night and didn't realize it. Gosh what a mess.

Sage went for a ride in the trailer for the first time and we introduced her to Wrangler and then Raven that she will be traveling with tomorrow.

My Goat was sick because she got out in the night and helped herself to oats, senior feed and horse treats. I didn't feel too bad for her. Don't know how she is this morning. Sorry. Just pretend I was writing in Greek. LOL

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wunerful wunerful

Sage and I had an hour ride again today. After the fight with her yesterday to keep her moving today was a thousand times better. She just moved out and did what I asked her albeit in slow gear but she did it.
Katie on Raven. She came over and rode in the arena with me again today. Raven appreciated it and Katie was a big help these last two days.

Sage was content to walk behind Raven, or in front of her or beside her. I was so happy to have a relaxed ride. When we finished riding in the arena we rode out and rode around the house. Sage was a little more intimidated but she really walked fine. She snorted at a couple of things and was a little tense but did not misbehave at all. I hope I can ride in the morning again.

H is for Happy

Today I am particularly happy with my horse, with the warm day and life in general. I am a happy person for the most part. Have my bad days but they don't hang around long particularly if the sun shines. I really don't handle grey days one after the other very well.

I did have another brag about Sage moment. Katie put Ditto back for me when we were done riding but didn't get the gate fastened securely. I walked out the back door and met Ditto face to face. She was eating in the back yard. I looked for Sage and she was standing at the open gate waiting for me to come get her. Bob said it had been open about an hour. I went down and put a lead rope on and let her come out and eat grass for a while. She is an awesome horse.

Comments - Surprise


Monday, April 9, 2012

Not Sages Best Day

My first blooming flower of the season. It is the only one blooming at this point. Isn't it pretty.
Sage on left, Abby on right, Raspberry in the middle and Katie behind handing out treats.

You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

Peanut needed to see what I was doing.

I rode Sage about an hour and a half but it was not our best day. We have always started out by Bob leading her around and then taking the rope off, walks beside us for a few and then leaves the arena. Today I got on and was just going to ride her. Katie was over with Abby and we were going to ride around together. WELL, Sage would not go forward. I had my bumper spurs on and she ran backwards when I tried them. Took them off but she would not go foreword. I used my popper on her shoulder and could have beaten her but she was not going to go foreword. I could get circles one way but that was all. Bob came out and waved the rope at her and she would go a little way. Finally he put a rope on her and Katie ponied us around for about 15 minutes, the took the rope off and she went fine after that. She followed Abby all over and up beside her. We rode a long time. I was happy with the end result but the beginning was not so good.

Thanks for the comments, keep em coming.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter With Family

Here I am on Easter morning before church.
Cousins having a good time together

Bob and our oldest Steve

The cake I made. We ate about half of it and we went outdoors when the kids all left and when we came in it was gone and the little dogs had cake remnants all over their faces. They did not eat the strawberries though. They both got spanked. Skeeter came and hid under our bed, Pistol got out the door and ran to Katie's. She brought her home. Bad puppies.

Raspberry waiting for the kids to come play.

Tom and his family.

I drove the 4 wheeler with hay on its trailer to feed the cows and the babies came on the run too. They are such a cute group

Kitty looking over the edge. He had been looking through a knot hole but when I put the camera to take his picture he peeked over the edge.

We had a marvelous afternoon. Always fun when the kids come out and get along and have fun too.

Remember the comment surprise.

G is for GABBY. I love to chatter with my friends.


Easter Sunday


Saturday, April 7, 2012

A good Ride

What a good day on Sage today. I put the breast collar on her for the first time. It didn't seem to make any difference to her. She did try me a couple of times today by refusing to do a couple of things but we worked through them.
This picture reminds me to keep my heels down. I know better.

Marilyn told me I had to trot her but so far, a good walk is what I have accomplished with her. Bob says its like she is baby sitting me. I don't want her to do that. I want her to move out. Next weekend we are going camping and riding and I am going to take her and Raven and pony her and may be ride her some. Marilyn will be there so maybe she will ride her some for me too.

Have a funny story on Ditto. When I am working Sage, I just turn her out into the yard to eat grass and when I am done with Sage, I leave the lead rope on her and let her eat grass too. When I went to get Sage and put her in, Ditto was in the middle of the back yard. When I went to get her, I could not find her. She was no where to be found. Finally I found her in Ezra's stall. He is outside in a pen now. Hiding with her head in the corner against the wall where I had to walk clear down there and look. She did not want to go back into the arena. I really had to laugh at the old girl.


I think I am a very friendly person.

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