Sunday, January 11, 2015

January 11,

Before the days get any further away from me, here I am with not too much to say.  I see posts of people out riding their horses in the snow and I am jealous.  I just can't get all those clothes on, saddle up the horse and ride.  by the time I get all saddled I am tired.  Darn it anyway.  Wish I were young again or even have someone ride with me.  There is not enough snow to get my sleigh out.  Its a cutter and neeeds more of a base so the runners don't to the ground.  My driving pony would love to be doing it and I am not sure Sage would not like to be ridden in the snow. 

We are still working on the living room.  It is 2/3 painted.  Bob will finish it tomorrow or tuesday I imagine.  It is brighter than I imagined but yet rich colored.  Of course it will tone it down to have furniture in their too.  He just has the wainscoting to paint.  I may have a paint finishing, show off my living room party.  I did not think it would take us this long to do it.  If Bob would let me paint maybe it wouldn't but I don't do that well (at least he think).

Nikki was here since Thursday.  We did not see too much of her as she was working at the wedding.  The wedding was beautiful and I am glad I got to go see the beautiful bride and her handsome new husband.  The meal was good, the cake delicious and it was good to see so many friends.

It quiet here today.  Yesterday the Seahawks won their football game and today I watched to see who they would play and get to beat for them to get the the superbowl.  I would have rather seen Dallas but we got Green Bay.  I really am a football fanatic, sorry.  And Gonzaga basketball.  They won yesterday too.  I am a Washington State University alumni so guess I should be rooting for them.

Life just goes on.  I am ready for spring but know it is a way off.  I hope this finds you all well.