Sunday, June 29, 2008

One hot Sunday

It was 105 today. Not a good day to be outside from noon on.

We met some friends this morning at 7:30 AM at Riverside State Park and went for about a 10 mile ride mostly in the canyon. It was not too hot there. We were up on top of the area for a little while and watched about 9 turkey buzzards soring around and sitting in the tall snags. They are pretty ugly birds but it was fun to watch them. We also watched an osprey feeding her youngsters. Then down along the river. I had never ridden Dixie where there were a lot of bicycles so I walked her along the Centennial Trail. Of course no bikes while we walked. Then went down to the river and let the horses drink and play in the water. We only had one bridge to cross and then back up the trail thru the trees. And guess what happened in the middle of the bridge - a bike came soaring down at us. He slowed way down and Dixie just looked, no spook. I would want to know how she does when one came up behind her but did not have to worry about that. Got home about 11:30 and BBQ'd burgers but we ate in our cool house.

I worked Sierra about 15 minutes but it was just too hot. Sooooooo I gave her a good wash off. She didn't seem to mind too much. I will go back out in about an hour and do some more. Maybe even 2 hrs. It is still 95. I promised I would not complain about heat when we had months of snow. And I am not just is too hot to work outside.