Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Marvelous Mothers Day

Bob came out with the camera and took this as we left for church this morning. It was a happy day. After church we went looking for some yard sales and took a long drive out to Davenport and back. We had lunch along the way. It was the first time in years and years that I have heard from all my children on mothers day. That in itself was a wonderful blessing.

The picture below is the flower of a tree at a yard sale we stopped at. Didn't buy much - or nothing maybe but I took some pictures. Is this a Tulip Tree bloom? I very positively told Bob that is what it was but I am not sure.
This tree was just in a yard that we drove by. I thought it was so beautiful. We are about a thousand feet higher in elevation and things are not blooming too much here yet. In a couple of weeks the lilacs will start but its not blooming time here. In fact I think tomorrow or Tuesday night it is supposed to frost and I had better remember to cover my tomatoe plants. That is crazy to think about, it was 72 today.

Yesterday I posted a picture of Rusty standing and eating but this afternoon after we got home I caught her running and bucking. Not exactly the picture I wanted but its closer. She is so peculiar about me being anywhere close. She does not like me at all.

I hugged and loved on Pepper and Rosie today and Yuma. The other girls got their noses bent out of shape because I did not pet them first so I just left them pouting. I can't wait to ride. Shannon, my neighbor wanted us to go riding with them today but alas. Still the headache for the most part and don't want to aggrevate it any more. Tomorrow the car goes in to see if the insurance company will repair it or total it. It shimmies and shakes and the back door won't close properly besides all of the other stuff. Would just as soon they totaled it.
Tomorrow I have to get back to my house stuff routine. Its been a good day to do nothing but enjoy. Let your Monday be a very good day.