Thursday, December 10, 2009


This TENTH day of Christmas I give you TEN little horses from my collection. I have been collection little horses since I was a little girl. I probably have more than a hundred. More if you count the Beanie Baby horses and other stuffed ones. Love them. I have gotten them from all over the US. Love each and every one of them.
This evening we went back into town to our grandson Ryan's concert. Ryan plays percussion. He played the cymbals, bass drum and snare drum. He did well and we are proud of him. He is in the intermediate band.
I will get back to Thinking Thursday soon. This is a busy time of the year. Bob finished cleaning up where our deck was. Gosh it was a mess underneath where we could not see.
Tonight I was putting the horses in the barn and Amelia has obviously been watching Pepper and his antics because she played ring around the barn with me. She just kicked up her heels and played with me. When she finally went into the barn she dashed into her stall, grabbed a bite and was going to dash back out and play some more but I was faster. HAHAHAHA Amelia. Gotcha.
We had a heatwave again today. It went clear up to 20 degrees. Whooooooopeeeeeeeee. I think its about 12 right now. It is warming up though. I can tolerate 20, minus degrees though and I could head to somewhere warm.
Have a fun Friday.