Sunday, January 6, 2013

Getting Well

I can not for the life of me get a picture to upload here.  I need my computer worked on.  I don't think its must my ignorance or ineptness that is making these ugly things happen.

I am feeling some better but did not go to church this morning.  I was afraid I would start to cough and create a scene or something.  Maybe next week. 

My sleigh is down and Bob has made me a track to run in.  It is a cutter so it has narrow runners and will not go in deeper snow.  I am excited though to get to use it.  Last winter there was not enough snow that lasted long enough.  I will hope to be able to get some pictures to upload for me. 

I am putting the last row on my quilt.  When I get the front all together, I will take a picture.  In the meantime - I just keep plugging away.  I am excited to see it happening.  My first completed real quilt. 

If I can get this cough to go away I am going to work with Sage some in the round pen.  Snow or no snow.  We had a couple of really cold nights/days.  Near 0 a couple of them but it has warmed up into the 20's recently (that sounds so silly 20 being warmed up).  I want to ride. 

Take care, I just remember one more day of winter gone and one day closer to spring.