Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Wishing a very Happy, Prosperous and Blessed New Year. We are going to the Wolf Lodge Inn for dinner, home to watch the ball drop and then to bed. Its a beautiful day, fed the quail, went and got groceries and am watching Cougar basketball. Talk to you all tomorrow.

BIG Blessings.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Diamonds in the Snow

No pictures - I just can't get pictures off the card. Katie I need you. It was so beautiful today. However, it was not warm, cold in fact. A 5:10 it is 15. I made we want to get outside and I did.

I spent a couple of half hours working with Sage and the plastic bag. The first time was not as fruitful although I thought it would be. Finally though I could rub from neck to hip with her just standing. THEN, I went the second time and it was better just her back. I could go clear up behind her ears and over the hips to her hock. I tried under her belly and that created her levitating. Will have to keep working on that. The thing that really sent my heart a flutter was I was rubbing her chest. I went a little too far and she saw it with her other eye and she erupted toward me. She reared up and swung at me. The thought that went through my head was I don't have my cell phone and I am going to get hurt. She was right in front of me. Like her head was taller than me and her chest was where I could have spit on it. She realized where I was and sat back and whirled and did not touch me. My heart was beating out of my chest I thought. I took a deep breath and then I went back and rubbed her chest again being mindful of not going so far toward the other side. She let me and then I left her there. I rubbed her neck and hugged her but was still shaky so she got the rest of the afternoon off. That is the first time she has really scared me like that.

We were going to drive Rosie with the sleigh today but did not get there. Bob wants to put winter shoes on her in the AM.

Last Sunday our pastor told us about a web site that will have you reading through the bible in a year and picking a verse and how it applies. It is call I like journaling my devotional time and I am going to use this site this year.

Tomorrow and then New Years Day. Hope you have a great day, weekend and year. Blessings

On The Road Again Toward 1000 Blessing

601 - Candy Canes
602 - The pink layered sky at daybreak today
603 - Blogs that encourage me to try something new
604 - Peoples generosity especially this Christmas season
605 - A beautiful set table
606 - A Christmas morning Sunrise
607 - Christmas Eve at church
608 - Preschoolers singing Happy Birthday Jesus
609 - Christmas eve communion
610 - Worship on Christmas Eve that brought tears
611 - God's grace
612 - Leroy and Denise singing Silent Night - I was awe struck
613 - Our new stove
614 - Bob;s brothers unexpected refund
615 - See missionary friends home for the holidays
616 - The very old Roy Rogers move on RFD TV
617 - Lunch on Sunday at Old Country Buffet
618 - My new gloves
619 - Fresh squeezed orange juice
620 - Big R Store
621 - Family pictures
622 -Oprah's Sound of Music reunion
623 - All the cookies and candy are gone
624 - My sisters birthday
625 - The King and I
626 - We have a god snow moving tractor
627 -
628 - Angelo and Joyce Bissett who are our age and love to ride as much

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Snow Day

I had pictures, rather I have pictures but can't get them to the computer from the card reader on the printer. I finally just turned it off.

Yes we have snow - 10 or so inches and it is still snowing and blowing and drifting. I am glad I did not have to go anywhere today. Did not even put horses out. Its just plain cold and nasty out there and the temperature is dropping like a rock.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow is coming -

No pictures today. Just kind of a messed up day. I ran an errand for Bob over in Couer d'Alene, Id. and when I got there.................the sign on the door said we are enjoying the Christmas holiday with our families, see you after New Years. I wanted to kick the door but I didn't. So I turned around and drove home stopping at Walmart to get a new shower head. I remember the last time we changed it, Nikki and I decided we could do it and we did something wrong and part of it went down into the wall. Bob was not happy with us. While I was in WM I got several things on half price to put away until next Christmas.

We are having a rain storm at the moment but in a few hours it is to turn into snow and we are predicted to have about 10" before it stops tomorrow. It is 35 degrees at the moment and by tomorrow afternoon 17 is the prediction and the goes down from there the rest of the week. I don't think I like that too much.

I worked with Sage today in the round pen. We worked with plastic bags on the end of a driving whip. She tolerated that just fine a while back but it wasn't so today although we did make a lot of progress on her good side. I could rub her entire side and to her knees in front and hock in back. Her belly and chest were off limits yet though. It was so wet and icky I was not thrilled with that but wanted to spend time with her. When I put the whip away, I just petted and loved on her and that seemed to be OK with her. I am not a bad weather outdoor person any more and consequently, we have regressed some I am sure.

Someone dropped two kittens off and they were both sick. One died. I get so upset with people who do that. They were so thin. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I started packing Christmas stuff up today. I found a box that held all my Santa's in one box. So it is sealed up ready for the closet. I wish we could put the tree away decorated. I hate taking stuff off. Probably will get done a little at a time like I put stuff on.

Bob worked on my barn bathroom today. Maybe someday it will get finished completely.

I am hoping my blogger friend in California does not get flooded again. Don't know just where she lives but they got enough rain their barns were flooded.

Blessings to you all.

Monday, December 27, 2010


Here is 3/4 of our family. Nikki and her family were not here.Front row is Sheya sitting on Nikki. Seth and Ryan, next row Debbie in the tie dye, Jadeyn me, Bob Christy and Tom, Chrissy is peeking through as is Wendy and Skye, Steve is in the very back.
Bob and I. We have celebrated 53 Christmases together.

Steve our oldest son and Debbie.

Tom, our youngest son and his family. Christy, Sheya, Ryan and Seth

Seth the basketball player.

Ryan the drummer.

Beautiful Jadeyn. She is 13

Nikki or Pickle as her mother calls her. She will be 17 on Thursday.

Chrissy and her brood.

Lovely Chrissy who can put earrings in her hair and pin stuff on her and look beautiful. I would look stupid.

And Skylor. He is 14. He would rather not have his picture taken.
I took some others of kids but they weren't so good so just posted these. Hope you can get them Joy. I remember you saying you cut and pasted pictures of family. We had such a good day.
I wrote my letter to the editor this afternoon. My temper had cooled some and I tried really hard to be polite. It was hard to get it in 200 words.
Tried to work with Sage this afternoon but she was really naughty. She would not stay out of my space nor go where I wanted to lead her. I was here alone so hopefully the weather isn't so nasty I can't get in some times tomorrow. There is so much ice I was afraid of falling.
Andrea, I think tomorrow is your MRI. I am praying the lump is nothing.
Blessings to you all.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A rant

I will have to post the family pictures we took tomorrow. I can not get them to upload. Had some of them posted and then it froze up.
This article was in the Letters To The Editor in our newspaper The Spokesman Review. It is titled Last roundup overdue and smoke is about to come out my ears. I will copy it here. I could probably get it electronically and cut and paste but I don't do that very well so will just copy it.

"The cruelty and blatant waste of America's hard earned tax dollars to remove wild horses has reached staggering proportions.
The level of disregard, disrespect and criminal behaviour the Bureau of Land Management exhibits in response to the American public outcry is something we can no longer ignore.
The wild horse herds are a symbol of Americans freedom. At what point do we need to make a stand?
Al.ready, 39,000 wild horses are in holding facilities and 11,000 more are scheduled for roundup next year.
These roundups are being operated on a deficit budget.
They castrate the stallions, break up the family herds, run the foals until their hooves fall off, lie about their numbers, and tell us they are starving to death and destroying the ecosystems while millions of cattle are allowed to roam and overtake their designated herd management areas..
The videos taken of the roundups reveal healthy, terrorized horses and unscathed landscapes.
Contact President Obama and demand he put an end to wild horse roundups."

I won't print her name. I don't know her but I will invite her to our Mustang Club Meeting in January. I am going to respond to the paper with an answer to her letter. If any of you care to it is and letters can not be over 200 words and must include your daytime phone number and street address although they will not be printed.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. This is America but I am entitled to disagree with her opinion and I DO. First of all the BLM is not doing anything criminal. There are not millions of cattle on the horses herd areas. There are cattle who are allowed to range for periods of time in particular areas. Cattle do not eat the grass to the roots like horses do. They have to wrap their tongue around it to eat it, horses bite it with their teeth. Consequently horses can eat to its roots. I have not seen cattle in any of the herd management areas. I have been to several herd areas in Oregon and southern Montana.
There are other wild animals there besides the horses. Deer, elk, antelope, ect. and birds and little ground animals. They all have to eat and all use the same land.
I don't know where this lady got her numbers but I have not seen them before. There are a lot of horses in holding facilities and on rescues ect. For the most part they are well taken care of.
Yes, when they gather, to keep the horses from starving to death, they do castrate the stallions. Not many people want to adopt a stallion but many will adopt a nice gelding. The horse herds are in family units and must be moved around to keep the genetics pure. Inbred horses are not good.
The video's of the last gather in November were doctored to look bad. I have seen videos taken by other people. The horses were thin and needed to be brought in and fed up. They were not run over the ground. In fact it took two days to get them there because they did not want to stress the animals. The horse that broke her neck just wigged out and they could not stop her. They did nothing to make her so upset just tried to move them in to a different pen. The helicopter was NOT close to them, it was an optical illusion. I was not there but have two friends who were and photographed and videoed it all. We are going down next year to observe and photograph.
Bob and I are BLM volunteers and have been for several years. We turn in many hundreds of hours every year. We personally know many of the BLM workers in Oregon, Washington and Montana. They love the horses and would never hurt them deliberately.

There is my rant. I am going to write a letter to the editor tomorrow. Maybe by then my emotions will be in a better place.

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve and a quiet Christmas. I will hope to get the pictures posted of our family tomorrow.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our tree all ready for our family tomorrow. We will have brunch at 11 and then presents. That will give us a free evening to go to church and with our friends to midnight mass. We do that most years. Although we are not Catholic it is a beautiful service.

The main candle. I love candles.
A few weeks ago after viewing in the paper and magazines we ordered the Amish made heater to look like a fireplace. It is working wonderful. It was really a good buy. Its electric heat some how. We looked at another one that was more like a space heater but I love this.

Pistol wondered what it was. She eventually curled up in front of it. It is set on low and the living room and into our bedroom is warm as toast. We set the furnace at 60.
I made 5 dozen baking powder biscuits earlier today and have the table about half set. If there were one more of us we could not sit down. It will be crowded but i like sitting down at one table (well actually 2 put together). I have to finish cleaning off the tops of the counters yet and lay some things out handy in the morning. It will be an exciting day.
Cameron came and worked with Liberty today and Bob helped him worm Liberty and Abby. He had never done it before. Just Rusty left and even Bob is having trouble catching her. Bob helped Cameron do some things with Liberty that he was having trouble with. He is a real novice but wants to learn.
Have a wonderful blessed Christmas Eve.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2 Days to go

Two of our silly dogs sleeping. Pistol rarely sleeps anywhere except curled up either with Bob or I or Skeeter. And Maggie, well Maggie sleeps like that all the time. I should never have let her start getting on the couch but I did.

I did get the cookies made but not decorated. I guess that is tomorrows job. Sorry "Farmer" no pictures. You will have to just imagine. I am done baking cookies. Tomorrow I will made baking powder biscuits for our brunch on Friday. We will have biscuits, an egg/sausage/lots of stuff casserole and fruit. I will nuke the biscuits just before we set down so they will be hot.

It is snowing this evening. Maybe it will cover up the ugly dirty snow. After this next weekend it can all go away.

I put the horses out this morning because Bob was helping a neighbor. We have put Rosie back out in the pasture and Amelia in the stall. She was losing weight and it was time. I am keeping an eye on Ditto too because she will probably have to come in soon too. Pepper is doing well, he is stalled at night on a diet. He was really naughty when I put him out this morning. He took after the other horses kicking and squealing. I was about to go get him and put him back in but he cooled his jets so I let him stay out. Sage is so sweet and acts like she really likes to see me when I go down there.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Busy Day

Today did not prove to be a day that I accomplished much that I had set out to do. For one thing I woke up about 3:30AM and could not go back to sleep until about 5 and then I slept too late. I needed to go to town for a couple of errands and that took longer than I had thought. I just have been dragging because I need to sleep more.

Bob is a retired plumber, drain cleaner ect. I have a plugged up kitchen sink. It has been about half clogged for weeks. I keep reminding him and he has not "had time". He just plunges it for a temporary fix. Love that man but he is driving me nuts. I am about to call someone to come do it.

Nothing else happening. I did not get the cookies baked today. Tomorrow, tomorrow, maybe tomorrow.


Monday, December 20, 2010

On Our Way to 1000 Blessings

572 - Andrea Bocelli - The Lords Prayer
573 - Bob home safely from his visit to the coast
574 - Flowers from a sweet granddaughter just because
575 - Sunshine on the snow
576 - New Friends
577 - Its A Wonderful Life
578 - Andrea Bocelli - O Holy Night
579 - The little Chinaman Christmas ornament that was my grandmothers
580 - Pepper got well
581 - Fun Baking
582 - Bob's Search and Rescue group was successful, they found the elderly man
583 - A safe trip to Pullman and back
584 - Hallelujah Chorus
585 - Holly Trees
586 - The Washington Palouse covered with new snow.
587 - Christmas With Grace - at church
588 - Hugs and kissed from a great grandbaby girl
589 - An invitation for Christmas evening
590 - Advent Wreath
591 - Josh Groban music
592 - Driving around looking at Christmas lights
593 - Bob found his cell phone
594 - The Dollar Store
595 - Gladys is better
596 - Hearing from people I have heard from in a year
597 - Christmas caroling
598 - Gingerbread men
599 - Hit cider
600 - My new permanent

Christmas Week

Russian Tea Cookies without nuts. I was ready to add them and didn't have any in the cupboard. Oh that upsets me. But they are good anyway. Tomorrow is sugar cookie day and then I am done baking. Need to give the house a good cleaning for Friday and then I will be ready for Santa.
Went and had a permanent today. I was just sick of the straight hair even though it seems to be the style. It is a little curlier than I expected but the first time I wash it it will loosen up.
This afternoon went grocery shopping so I am ready for Friday. I hope I did not forget anything. I probably did though knowing me.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

No pics sorry

Today has been kind of a lazy day which probably wasn't a good thing the last weekend before Christmas. I have most things wrapped but wanted to bake more cookies and the house needs a good cleaning. I did get some laundry done, took a nap, changed our bed and that is about it.

Bob lost his cell phone today and has been walking around calling his phone with mine. Then he realized it was on silent. He just found it in a boot that was under where his coveralls were hanging. I am so glad he found it because we would have had to go get him a phone today

Pepper's little red hen layed her egg in his manger today and he just ate around it. Bob put her back in the chicken house for the night. They free range during the day. I am afraid Pepper is going to step on her accidentally.

Hope you Sunday was blessed -

Saturday, December 18, 2010


The Washington Palouse about noon today. The road was kind of nasty but we made it just fine. We went to Pullman and back. It is about an 80 mile trip each way.
This is why I did not post anything yesterday. We had a visit from our granddaughter Coreen and our great granddaughter Kiyanna. Coreen is her Auntie and she brought her to visit. We had not seen her since she was about 12 hours old. She is 22 months old.

She looks so like her Daddy. Just like him walking around at that age.
And this is Piper. She is 5 1/2 months old. Nothing like having them close together. She looks like her mother. She has her mama's blue blue eyes. Kiyanna has her daddy's brown eyes.
I had not seen her at all. I have begged for pictures of her and so we took a lot of them.

Grandma Great and Two special little girls.
My heart is so full today.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

HE IS HOME - and some bragging

Pepper is hope, a shaved neck and he was hungry but he is well. The picture was taken last summer. Thank you all for your prayers and love expressed to him and to us. We need to add more salt to his feed so he drinks more. They have water with a heater in it but he needed more. So add the salt and keep him in is our motto. He is a valuable horse. $1,047 to save him. The biggest part of the bill was intensive care. I know our vet was up with him most of the night. Bob did not get home until about midnight and the IV had to be changed in 2 hrs. Thank you Dr. Jed McKinley. He has been our vet since he first came to Spokane from Canada shortly after he graduated from the WSU vet school. He put himself mostly thru college by rodeoing. He was a good bareback bronc rider. Thanks again everyone. Sage wanting out the gate. My camera is acting weird so I didn't get any better picture but she had a hold on the bottom of my coat telling me to hurry up. When I did take her out we went for a walk out to the road and around. She had a couple of little levitation's but mostly she just walked around with me. She was very alert and looked at stuff after she jumped first.
These next pictures are just simply bragging I guess. All the stuff that I still have on the walls of the office but when I showed. I showed first Ditto, then Glory, Rosie (Wild Rose), Mel, and Tango. Glory was a minimal white paint, Mel was a palomino appy and Tango was a paint. I don't have any of them anymore. I also have a cabinet full of trophies and stuff. It gives me good memories. I have donated alot of ribbons and some trophies for different things. Considering I did not start until I was 50 - makes me proud of my accomplishments.

I won't do this again but was feeling nostalgic one day when I was in the office and was looking at it all.
Took a good long nap today, made up for not much sleep last night.

Thank you

Just a quickie this morning to tell you Pepper is going to be OK. He got two 5 gallon IV's. One they ran in pretty fast, the other no so fast. He had pooped this morning and was hungry. Without the IV's we would have lost him. I think that is my Christmas present though. Way more than a laptop in cost. Thank you all so much for praying or good thoughts or whatever is your way. It worked. When Bob left the clinic about midnight the vet said, go home and pray, this one is a tough one.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sad Day

Today was not a good day. Pepper colicked this afternoon and has been taken to the vets hospital. It does not look so good. He has done it once before and pulled out of it. Please be praying. This is one special horse. Katie is with Bob, I have walked until my legs will hardly work. The vet came and tubed him and as soon as the sedative wore off he was threshing around again. So, that is where things are now. I had a blog all planned for this evening but am just not up to it. Your prayer would be appreciated.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

If offended by hunting, skip 1st picture.

Bob went hunting today and bagged the largest wild turkey I have seen. He weighed 25#. They are good to eat - at least we think so- and he will go in our freezer.

This kept me busy this afternoon. I made Thumb Print Cookies and put Hershey Hugs in the center instead of jam. I am going to have to hide them though or Bob will get them eaten. I am trying to practice a large amount of self control. Tomorrow is the zucchini bread. I want to give a couple of loaves of bread and cookies to the old bachelor next door and some to Shannon and Ron. Both will help us anytime we ask. Like yesterday.

Sage had one of those days that I just left her in. The wind was blowing and it was raining and she was going to have a rodeo day and I was not in a mood to do it so she just stayed in. She was mad at me this evening and when I did the chores she would not let me pet her face. I guess that was my punishment for making her stay in.

The cows/calves are still bellowing. It is about to drive me nutty as well as the neighbors. I don't think the cows would make as much noise if the calves would shut up. Particularly the red heifer we bought in Oregon.

The package will get mailed to Tennessee in the morning. Its all ready to go. our mother is buried there and there is a dogwood tree on her grave. I sent a silver blue hummingbird ornament for them to hang in the tree. Its an older cemetery and they let you plant stuff there and put things on the grave. My sister put a statue of St. Francis of Assisi there and some one stole it. That takes real guts to steal something off of a grave. Don't you think?

Enough of my prattling on, blessings.

Monday, December 13, 2010

No picture today. This has not been much of a pre Christmas work day. I got woke up by me cell phone at 6:45 AM this morning. It was Bob down at the barn. He was separating cows/calves and needed help. Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!I got up and got dressed and went down. Thinking of the time I should be laying in bed relaxing and waiting for him to bring me the paper. He does that almost every single morning. NOT today. We got the calves all penned and he backed up the trailer and it took a while to get 6 large cows loaded. This was the day the cows went to the vet to get preg checked, shots on a couple of them, one dehorned and a couple branded.

While he was gone I took a nap and began wrapping gifts and finishing up some decorating. I heard the truck come back in about 1 and went out to help. The biggest cow Candy, was causing a problem so he shut her in the front stall instead of just being herded in. Well, she decided to go out over the divider and got hung up. We could not get her off and she was going to die on us. I called Shannon and she came and by the time we got her off she just lay there gasping. We got her to roll up on her chest and pretty soon she got up. She is fine but it scared us and we spent quite a while on that job. I guess Bob won't do that again.

By the time we had caught our breath, we let the cows out and loaded the calves and took them next door. Easier to do it that way. The mooing out there may drive us nutty but it won't last long. All the cows will calve in late March or April.

I finished a couple of things today and made a meatloaf for dinner. It was good. After my disaster last week with the stew I was glad this turned out. I do believe it was the meat.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Last of the 12 Days of Christmas

On this last little fun thing I like to do. my own version of the 12 days of Christmas, I bring you 12 OLD BOOKS.
Most are books of poems but they are are old. Some really old. Most were either Bob's dad's or my dad's.
Hope I have entertained some of you anyway.

Church was good this morning and then we ran some errands. When we got home Bob went out to do some things and I settled down to watch the Seahawk's game. It was such an awful game I went out to muck out Sage and Rosie's stall. I did almost all of Sages and Bob did Rosie's and finished Sages. I bed them both. Its hard work but good for my body to get some good physical exercise. This time of year I tend to stay inside most of the day. I am afraid of falling and getting hurt when its as icy as it is today.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Decorating the Tree

On the 11th. Day of Christmas I bring you eleven Christmas balls. The blue one was a gift from out 25th. anniversary party (28 years ago) and the pink one in the middle we bought our first Christmas as a married couple. The striped one was my mothers. The others are plastic and just look pretty.
Today we went to a potluck with Shannon and Ron to learn how to Dairy Test Goats. Hmmmmmmmmmm. I passed the open book test but I don't think I did so well filling out the form. Its a form with itty bitty writing. I don't want to do it for anyone else but Shannon and Ron need someone to do it for them. It was nice to meet some new people and eat a lot of good food.
Other than that I have been just lazing around. Re reading a book a read a long time ago and liked and soaking in a hot bath. Bob is carving a walking stick. Hope he cleans up his mess.
Today is Chrissy's partner Wendy's birthday. Hope she has a good one.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Tenth Day

On the tenth day of Christmas I bring you 10 Candy Canes.
They are such a bright color - love them

I laughed until I cried at this picture. I was taking a picture of Pistol from an open window in the dining room. When I took it off the camera, there comes Skeeter. He is known now as the "Flying Poodle."

I baked six loaves of apple spice bread and frosted it with Penuche Frosting. I could eat all six loaves. Instead they went into the freezer. I would have baked zucchini bread too but I only have 6 loaf pans. I will do that on Sunday afternoon.

This afternoon I did almost all of my shopping for Christmas. Just a couple of things left. I am happy with my decisions. Now to get stuff wrapped. Have one to get in the mail. Need to do that.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Horses - Horses - Horses

Sage sauntering along side Bob. He had taken her on a little walk about. She did good.

On the NINTH Day of Christmas I bring you 9 stuffed horses (and a donkey behind the green basket handle.) I love my little soft horses. I have quit buying them though every time I go on a trip or something like that.
All afternoon it has been raining. Everything is squishy outside. I let Bob do the outside stuff by himself. I am doing this early because Bob and I are going to a potluck dinner this evening and I don't know when we will get home. We are going to go with Shannon and Ron down the road. We like them a lot and it will be fun to spend some time with them and some other friends.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cowboy Boots

On the Eighth Day of Christmas I bring to you 89 small cowboy boots.
I collect them too. Not so much as I used to though.
Katie brought these to me this afternoon. Bless her heart. No reason, just because.
Have you ever made something that you have made a bunch of times and have it turn out awful. I made a stew today. It smelled good but tasted just icky - I mean really bad. I don't know what I did or didn't do but its awful. Bob couldn't even be nice and eat it anyway. He said it is the worst thing I have ever made. Wish I knew what was wrong but its awful, I mean really awful
Other than that, life was good today, a little rain, a little sunshine and a good time with Sage.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


On the SEVENTH day of Christmas I bring to you seven Santa's.
I have bunches that I have collected over the years. Love their smiley faces.
I got the chores all done twice today. I don't mind doing them at all, its just carrying hot water to chickens and goat. I was about halfway through this evening when Bob got home. I love talking to the horses and listening to them chew. Sage is so good about going in and out I could pop.
I hope the weather forecast is wrong and we do not have rain for the next 6 or 7 days. The weather bug on the i/net says snow, the TV says rain. Oh well, I am not going to whine but I don't like rain on top of snow.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Six Mustangs

On the Sixth Day of Christmas I bring you six Mustangs eating.
From the left - Amelia-the sorrel with a blaze, Wrangler the buckskin and is about a whole hand taller than the rest, Abby who is Katie's, Raven that is a real sweetheart, Liberty who wants a forever person of her own, and the bottom picture is Pepper that is the love of all of us.
I fed the kitties and Red the hen came to eat with them. She won't stay in the chicken pen. She hides out in the barn.
Bob left to go deliver the meat to western Washington this morning. It is all safely with the people who ordered it. The road was bare and dry all the way even over the pass. He will go down to see his brother for a little while in the morning and then come home. I pray the weather will hold. By evening we are supposed to get freezing rain. Hate that stuff. Later this week and next week it is going to warm up and they predict rain. On top of 24 inches of snow will be a big awful mess.
I took Sage for a little walk around this morning and she did just fine. She did not understand why she didn't just go to her daytime pen but came with me. Her black parts are shiny black now. Even the woolly hair. Rosie lays down and rolls as soon as you put her out but I have never seen Sage roll. I picked Emma's rope up and she will lead and follow but heaven forbid that you should walk towards her. I hate to send her home because he said he would just put her down if we couldn't get her good and gentle. Cash went to his new home yesterday afternoon. He is a real sweetie and I expect that Byran will be riding home soon.
The chores in the morning will be more challenging. I will have to carry hot water to the chickens and the goat. Oh well. I CAN do it.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Onward to 1000 Blessings

532. People who pay for their meat promptly

532 Snow Angels

533One on one time with Nikki

534Antique stores

535 Edgertons arrived home safely

536, Salvation Army bell ringers

537 My silver shoes

538. Bright stocking caps

539 The snow on the trees

540Hershey Hugs

541. Thick warm socks

542. The movie Australia

543. The movie Crazy Heart

544. The Miracle on 34th. Street

545. White Christmas

546. Old Bob Hope Movies

547. Gonzaga Basketball

548. Icicles

549. My Fair Lady

550 The House That Love Built by Mranda Lamabert

551. Kenny G's Christmas CD

552. Hanes Bras

553. Singing Silent Night

554. Wynonna - I Can Only Imagine

555. Alan Jackson's Remember When

556. The Gaithers Christmas Homecoming

557Rice Bags

558 Cell phone for a rescue

559 Alan Jackson Let it Be Christmas

560 Getting the very top of the entertainment center cleaned.

561. Jingle Bells''

562 Christmas cards with letters in them

563Susan Boyle CD - Wild Horses

564 Susan Boyle CD - The Gift

565 dinner cooked by ANYONE else

566./ Planning trips ahead of time

568. Raspberry jam on fresh hot baking powder biscuits.

569 Painted toenails

570 The award that was presented to me

571, The lovely party with the Panhandle of Idaho Back Country Horse Club

567 Swarorski Chrystals

568 Dinnr cookd by anyone else

Four and Five

Yesterday was Day 4 and I brought you, although I did not get it posted, 4 Hershey Hugs.
And yes, after I took their picture, I ate them. Love the Hugs.
Day 4 I bring you 5 Hummingbird Ornaments. I will put them in the decorations when I get them up.

This was my biggest shock of my weekend, of a long time I guess. Saturday at noon the Northeast Zone of Washington State Horsemen had their annual awards. This year it was a luncheon. I was responsible for a very few things and had just finished my luncheon and was listening so of half eared to the awards they were giving . When they were giving the last of the awards I was getting ready to gather my stuff and they called my name. I was astounded. I am so grateful and proud. Wow, the member of the year. I want to carry it around with me but that might look like I was bragging and I really am not, just proud that my colleges thought enough to honor me in that way.

Ice crystals on the windshield of the car this morning when we were leaving to go to church.

The back road on our way to church. Its very pretty but very icy. Not much traffic on it and Bob did not mind.

Our church building - Turning Point Open Bible Church. Yes, its pretty big.

We went to Walmart to get dog food and this car was parked in front of us. I don't know how they make the bells stay there.

Sage going out the other barn door. She was a little snorty with Bob but didn't hesitate at all. I am going to take her for a little walk around tomorrow.