Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday, the end of August

Does it seem like August is over. In my mind that is the end of summer and the start of fall. I know that technically there are 22 more days but to my way of thinking its over. In the evening, it feels like fall. It is in the air. I can smell it. I love fall, its my favorite time of the year, BUT, I don't want winter to follow. Then can come spring. Well, If I was running the universe that is what I would do.

I worked all day in the living room. Does that give you an indication what shape it was in? Worked on the hardwood floors and threw a bunch of stuff out. Have a huge stack - maybe 3 years worth - of Western Horseman magazines. I am going to see if Katie wants them. If not, I will want to find anyone who does. I did not finish but will in the AM.

Today I found a stack of pictures of my sisters family starting in 1963 to a few years ago - prior to digital. I scanned them and put them in a file. They were kind of funny, sweet and wonderful.

After Bob got home we went over to work Blondie and Target. Blondie is coming along great. She goes both directions with the point of a finger, stops on a word, and looks at Bob with both eyes. She isn't too keen on being touched but can be talked into it. I put Carstens other horse, Penny, out of the area that the round pens are in and shut the goats out and took Target out of the round pen on her lead rope and we took a little walk. She came right along with me. I sat on a large waterer and we just sat and discussed it. She was soft and sweet. I tried longing her out in the open and she did a little but kept wanting to come stand by me. I pet her all over and was able to rub back over her hips dow to her hocks. Previously she had moved away when I did that but today she just stood there. Good pony. She has a cough. Sounds like a dust problem. We wet down her pen before we left and I wet her hay. I was going to leave a note for Terri but forgot. I want Rebecca to wet her hay to see if that gives her some relief. I didn't take my camera so just picture it all in your mind.

Remember: Love cures people - both the one who give it and the one who receives it. Dr. Karl Meninger

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunny Sunday

I had the best nights sleep last night than I have had in weeks. It felt so good to wake up rested. We went to church, took some mail to Tom and had a good laugh. It was junk mail. We stopped and got a maple bar. That is our after church treat. Has been for a long time.

Katie and I went to the Davenport Fair and were disappointed. The lady at the front told me the fair was over in an hour and most of the exhibits were gone. They were. Oh well, we had a nice drive and a good chat.

When we got home, Katie did some things and I took a nap. Not too exciting huh.

We did move all the horses across the road. There is not alot of feed there but their place is for sale and the pasture looks pretty ragged so our horses get to eat it down. They all seemed happy over there for now. Well, we did not move Amelia, just the horses that run together. Liberty would not let Bob near her but I just put a halter right on her and led her over there.

We certainly wish we could buy the house across the road. 11 acres with a 3 bedroom double wide for 157,000. We can't afford another payment.

Remember: That best portion of a good man's life, His little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love. William Wordsworth.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


I most always forget that I need to load the pictures backwards to how I want them to appear. So again I forgot. The first two pictures and the last two because I forgot so forgive me. Bob and I did a demonstration about mustangs today at a Pony Club event at Busy Bee Stables. Then we had a table with information on how to adopt. We had quite a bit of interest and got a couple of names of people who might be interested in the Inland Empire Mustang Horse Club.

This is Raven, we took three of our mustangs. Besides Raven we took Pepper and Wrangler. I was remiss in getting Wranglers picture. Raven was very cooperative and let people pet her.
Then we got Pepper and worked the two of them together.. Pepper was more interested in all the other horses. He was very laid back though and didn't get excited about anything. That is his usual demeanor.

Friday evening when they were predicting rain, and the were right, we went to Walmart and got this rain, bug shelter. It did rain hard for a while but mostly while we were setting it all up. But it did keep most of the bees away. They were there in force. Having already been stung once this summer and still having a lump on my neck, I don't care to get into a tussle with another one. It not only worked today but it will be wonderful for camping.

This is Ed Morris doing a driving demo with his 3 gaited Park horse - an American Saddlebred. He rode her too later but didn't get a picture of that. She is a very high stepper. It is pretty to watch but not something I want to do.

My blogger friend, Rose Mary who writes Life In A Cordwood Cabin did something today that I think I will try to remember - Saturday Smiles. This little minerature horse named Dielsel Power made me smile. In his mind he was as large as that saddlebred. That is my Saturday Smile. What made you smile today.

This big horse is as gently as the mini. Quiet and sweet. They did a vaulting demo on her. Those kids were wonderful but were inside the indoor arena and I don't think the pictures would have worked.

Just so people knew who we were there with.

I wanted this picture first but here it is last. Bob was talking about mustangs in general and their different body types, different personalities and so on. It was a successful day.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Its Friday

This picture is across the road and down a bit. I hope it if rains tomorrow it will not hurt the harvest. I know a lot of farmers around here are right in the middle. They have not started the barley yet.

I went to the funeral this morning that I talked about in the blog yesterday. Then I went window shopping. Rarely ever get to go and just look and dream. That is what I did today. I stopped at a yard sale down the road and got a book. They wouldn't be too successful if they depended on me. It was fun though. I am trying to get rid of stuff, not buy more. LOL

Nothing much else going on. Bob worked and I just fiddled around after I got home. I did clean the stove in the kitchen. I wish they would not make so many nooks and crannies when they make appliances like that.

Tomorrow we have a busy day. We will be taking 3 mustangs to a clinic. Hope to post pictures by evening.

Remember: The universe is made up of stories, not of atoms. Muriel Buckeyser

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thinking Thursday

This evening I am thinking of things. Tough to narrow it down to one so will just amble around and share my thoughts.

I was thinking of Ted Kennedy and his death. And all the turmoil that family has gone through. I remember him doing the eulogy at his brother Bobby's funeral and his voice breaking. He became the mentor of that family on that day. I neither am a democrat or a liberal but I respected him as a person and I know that he truely believed in what he supported. I will always remember his big booming voice. The Senate and the people of the US will miss him even if they disagreed with the politics of it. If I had been close to Boston, I would have gone and paid my respects because you can really respect someone without agreeing with them.

I was thinking today of our Mustang Horse Club that met this evening. What a great group of people we have gathered together. They don't all ride Mustangs or even own mustangs but we all come together to have fun on our horses. I am greatful to all of them. The group lets me lead them along to places they have never gone before - like a horse show. I appreciate them all.

I was thinking today of Bob Clark who none of you probably know but I will going to his funeral tomorrow morning. He was a real pillar in our church for as long as we have gone there. He had a joke for everyone. His sweet wife Margie died a few years ago. She was church secretary for years and years. Our church will miss him alot.

I was thinking today of how lucky I am at my age to still be able to ride my horse, ride my bike, and do all the other stuff I do. I get to feeling sorry for myself because I don't have the oompf that I used to but I am blessed.

I was thinking today of our brother in law Jim Trotter who died last week. His first wife, Bob's sister died about 20 years ago but he still considered himself part of the Williams family even when he remarried. His girls are having trouble planning a memorial service so I don't know when it is. However, I will always remember him being so kind to me as a newly wed into the family who was loud and boisterous, the opposite of what I had come from, and making me feel part of the family when Bob was out touring the world in the Navy.

Today I was thinking of my grandchildren in District 81 that started school today. It does not seem like it was time. School starting should still be a month away. However, the parents of said children thought it was time.

Remember: A single conversation across the taqble with a wise man is worth a months study of books. Chinese Proverb

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This is Target with the saddle on her. It was the first time and I don't think she appreciated it so much. Too bad. She was better yesterday. We did not go tonight. Yesterday I just put it on her and she just stood there. She did not pin her ears like that either. I did not try to step up in the stirrup. My knee still would not let me. It is better however and the swelling gone.

Today I mowed the lawn. We have a lot of lawn. I do have a riding mower however. Bob did around the edges and under the trees that would have beheaded me. Bob has been doing it with the walking behind mower all summer but when Tom was out the last time he fixed my riding mower. I don't mind doing it but can not walk behind that mower over our big space. We are going to take the cherry tree out this fall later. It did not produce five cherries this year and when it does the birds get them all. The maple tree in the front yard, our Memorial tree, needs trimming up too. Am not sure when to do it. The apple tree will need trimming too. It full of apples though.

Abby was really naughty this evening. She was not going to come off the pasture hook or crook. It took both of us and Bob on the four wheeler to get her thru the gate. If any one of the horses is going to be bad it is her.Wrangler is doing well now. He and Pepper had a bad time for the first few hours but its OK now. Those mares have been his. The only one that pays attention to Wrangler is Liberty. They are best friends. Its funny to watch the dynamics with the whole herd.

Remember: Wisdom comes more from living than from studying. Anonymous

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

I have no pictures today. I am thankful for my "Auntie Lou". Her name was Mary Louise Kephart. She died when I was in my early teens as I remember. I could not find a picture of her. She was my fathers sister. She is the one who introduced me to books. She bought me books at every possible time. She encouraged her nieces to read and I fell in love with it at an early age. She was a single lady who suffered from diabetes. I think she was in her later 30's when she died. Maybe 40's I don't remember. I still have a lot of the books she gave him and some I have passed on to grandchildren and to my grandniece Caroline. I sent her the horse series by Margaurite Henry. I think I had all of them. Carrie read them and I know she will cherish them like I did. I am so thankful for a caring Auntie that gave me a lifelong passion for reading.

Not much else today.

Remember: Every man has his own destiny, the only imperative is to follow it, to accept it, no matter where it leads him. Henry Miller

Monday, August 24, 2009

Its Monday again

Why is it that pictures, at least the ones I take, don't ever show the sunsets like I see them with my eyes. The colors were so vivid. I took this yesterday evening.

This morning I rode my bike about a mile down the road. I was huffing when I got back but it felt good. When I got back and changed my sweaty clothes Bob and I went to the cattle auction. I always go, if its possible, with him to sit on his hands so he doesn't buy any more cattle. He was whispering he should have bought this one or that one that was cheap. We finally got out of there without buying any more cattle. The joke of the auction was a pigmy billy goat that smelled so awful every one, even the old guys, were holding their noses. He sold to some sucker for "$2.50. It was awful.

Later this afternoon, towards evening we went to Carstens to work horses. We just could not get there last week. Rebecca has been working with Target and that showed. More about Target in a minute. Teri has been handling Blondie and Bob had her working her for a while. It was good. When Bob took over, he got her to change directions both ways and that was a really huge accomplishment. She is a very one sided horse.

I was determined to get a saddle on Target and I did. She let me put the saddle on and cinch it up and just stood there. I was so proud of her. I moved her around the round pen with the saddle on. Then I tightened the cinch and just left her go ponder it by herself for a few. I wiggled the stirrups around on both sides. I put some weight in the stirrup and that was OK but when I got too far up, she said nope. She bucked a little. Made me get out of the stirrup really fast. Target was ridden two years ago for about 30 days so this isn't all new. We worked with giving to both sides and she is good at that. I need to take my helmet if I get a bug to get on her. That won't be for a while though.

On our way home we stopped by our neighbors house to say hi and she gave us some brocolli. She grew it but doesn't like it. I love brocolli. Steamed with butter on it. Yum. She also gave us a spagetti squash. Have never cooked one so am not sure how to go about it. We also came home with some green peppers and some onions. We are very greatful to Shannon. She is a really good neighbor. She rides big mules.

So not a bad day. Warm in the day, quite warm actually but is cool in the evenings. That is when you can really tell that the seasons are changing. I always hate to see summer go but I love fall. If only winter did not have to come next.

Remember: I have learned to ust eh word impossible with the greatest of caution. Werner von Braun.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

lSunday continued

I don't know why things got all botched up. The computer just cut me off. Oh well.

The last picture is Wrangler in the trailer just before we pulled out with him for the ride home.

Not an especially relaxed weekend. With bee stings ect. It was good to see our son in law today and our grandson and family and Tom's Ryan came out to drum with Joel. It was fun to play with Lili and good to visit with the others. Tomorrow I will start painting the insides of cupboards. I won't get as much on me as Nikki and Lenna did though. And even if I did no one will be standing over me with a camera. LOL.


Lilliana is our great grandaughter. She was jumping on the trampoline - one her knees - She is such a pistol. We have such fun when she comes out. She loves to swing on the swing.

This is Wrangler. He is mighty ticked off to be in the round pen by himself but we wanted him to settle in a bit before we put him out. He knows us and our horses. He wondered what Rusty was doing and why Cody was there but he introduced himself and all is well.

Tomorrow he will go out with the other horses. Pepper is going to have to adjust

Saturday, August 22, 2009


What does a husband get his wife when he has bought another horse. I asked him for a bike well over a year ago - just a plain old bike, no gears, no hand brakes, just a bike that I can ride down the road and try to build up my leg strength. It came home with him yesterday with a matching helmet. I rode it a little today but this has not been a great day. I love it. It won't take me away from loving to ride the horses but need something to help built up my stamina.

I got stung on the back of my neck this morning and of course Bob is gone working on fence where our cows are. I can have a pretty allergic reaction to a bee sting. I took two Benadryl and lay down for a while. Then my stomach started reacting so have spent most of the day laying on my bed and running to the bathroom. Hate that. Don 't get sick to my stomach very often but when I do its awful.

Remember: The meaning of things liesnot in the things themselves, but in our attitude toward them. Anoine de Saint Exupery

Friday, August 21, 2009


Today I made applesauce and froze some apple slices for pie or cobbler later. I can't remember the name of the kind of apples but they are HUGE. Giant something or other.
This deviced was my mothers. I hurries things up. I don't peel or core, just quarter and cook.

This was the finished product. I put 9 quarts into the freezer besides the slices. We will enjoy it this winter. Our apple tree is heavy with apples. We have the branches propped up so they don't break. So even though Nikki did not send me over but a small box, I will have lots and lots of apples later.
Boy oh boy, did we ever have a storm last night. I hate thunder and lightening and it woke us up. Me first. Then even Bob woke up. I thought he could sleep thru anything but that woke him up last night.
We will get Wrangler Sunday afternoon. Bob is really quite anxious to get him home.
Remember: To every disadvantage there is a corresponding advantage. Clement Stone

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thinking Thursday

These pictures are in the opposite order that I wanted them in but don't know how to change them. This is Bob and our "baby boy" Tom. I was thinking today how sick he had been since March. He was under terrific stress over something he did when he was 16. Kids need to remember their actions will follow them thru their life even when they are grown. He just got sicker and sicker and then the doctor told him they were thinking leukemia. They did all the tests. No, it wasn't leukemia, it was a severe ulcer. He is on some pretty p0tent meds and they are working. He had lost almost 50 pounds but has gained a little back.
While I have been thinking of Tom and the fear we all went through, I thought of his daughter Sheya. She looks (and acts) so much like her daddy at that age. I tell him he deserved her and Christy - her mother - says but what did I do to deserve her. She is a character.

Does she not look like Tom"? He was 4 in this picture. I wish I had kept that little outfit. He looked adorable in it.
So that is my thinking Thursday.
Carmen - Nikki's husband - came to do some taping of the drywall we had to put up around where we put the new door. I was surprised he brought her mother with her. I thought he would be going home since he brought her home but it was wrong assumption. My house is a fright because the kitchen is torn up. Oh well, thats just the way it is.
I had quite a time getting the horses in tonight. They decided to stop in the lane and eat. I was behind them on the four wheeler. Nothing I could do short of running into the last horse which was not an option, they would not move. I reved the motor up, yelled and waved. They just went on eating. I finally got off and threw rocks at the front horses. That did not hurry them too fast but at least they moved.
Bob made a big decision tonight. He bought back a big buckskin gelding. Wrangler is wild bred and was born about 2 weeks on our place. His mother was a buttermilk buckskin. We sold Wrangler when he was 5 months old to a friend. She had some real physical problems and we bought him back when he was 3. When he was 4 we sold him to another friend Perry. Now Perry has some problems and he can't ride. So Wrangler is now 9 and he is coming home. He is big, probably close to 16 hands. He is definately a man's horse and full of energy. Bob just could not stand for him to go to anyone else. I will get some pictures on Saturday when we go get him.
Remember: Things don't change. You change your way of looking, that's all. Carlos Castaneda

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Not a very exciting day. I tried to get the stuff back in all the bottom cupboards. Am trying to be very organized (LOL) and put stuff in a garbage bag for Salvation Army as I go. If I have not used it and its just been sitting there away it goes. I threw about half the stuff from under the sink into the garbage. Probably could have thrown away more. I am going to downsize the STUFF that is around here if it kills me. When you are a pack rat and married to a worse one you are in deep doodoo. I am on a mission though. Get rid of it.

We went over to our Back Country Horsemen meeting this evening. It is always nice to get together with your horsey friends even though there were not too many there. We stopped for a burger after the meeting. I choked and choked catsup up my nose. Don't laugh, I did it and it felt awful and I don't think I will like catsup too much for a while. That was a new one on me.

Bob is off till next Wednesday now. Maybe we can do something interesting. I want to go some place to ride over Labor Day. Hope that will work out, hope so.

Remember: For everything you have missed, you have gained something else. Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

Today I am thankful for our grandaughter Nikki and her friend Lenna. They came out today and cleaned out all my bottom cupboards, washed them good and painted them for me.
With my knee going on and on just would not allow me to get down on my knees to do those cupboards. I really appreciated it so much. I think they had fun painting. Nikki's comment was "I am better cleaning."

Lenna got as much on her as Nikki I think. They had alot of laughs and done alot for me. The worst was under the sink. I did not have them paint that because it needs some repair work but it is clean and organized again. Bless those two 15 year olds. They did not expect to get paid but I did. Tomorrow I can start putting stuff back in them. I am so greatful for them.
I went in to town today, paid bills and had my yearly (well almost yearly) mammogram. I hate them but did it. Now those nagging me can quit.
My knee was hurting alot this morning when I went to put the horses in. Pepper and Rosie were up in a little pasture by the arena. I tied them to the back of the four wheeler and took them back to the pasture that way. I didn't know if it would work or not but they just followed it along. I was quite pleased with myself.
Remember: What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other? George Elliot

Monday, August 17, 2009


Ever had just a "blue" day with no particular reason. Thats what I am having. Nothing much going on, we had our first acorn squash from our garden for supper. The salad was all from our garden too. That makes me feel good. I also ground more zuchinne for the freezer. Who knew what one plant could produce.

Remember: Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our heart and we are never, ever the same. Author Unknown

Sunday, August 16, 2009


This is an update on Amelia day. Sharon asked for some new pictures and I took these about 2 hrs. ago.
She is doing very well. She is getting a chubby tummy. I would like her tail head to fill in a little more but all in all, shes wonderful

No the best eye picture I have taken but she has such a soft and gentle eye.

I should have brushed her and made her all buuuuuuuutiful but this is how she looks out in her private abode. Bright and Shiney

Just a sweet sweet horse. Thank you, thank you Dr. Doolittle for sponsoring her and helping us keep her.
I am making pickled beets this afternoon. Some neighbors down the road gave me a big bunch and we are not too crazy about them so decided to pickle them. Found a recipe to do just in the frig, not having to be canned so am trying it out.
Bob will be home sometime this evening. He got to Nikki's just fine but have not heard from him since. I did call him and ask him to be my alarm clock this morning. He called me at 7. I was already up though. I wanted to get the chores done before I went to church. We had another tiny blue egg this AM. This one is a little darker blue.
Hope you have had an awesome weekend.
Remember: Love cures people-both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it. Dr. Karl Menninger.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Real Friday

This is the first itty bitty egg from the young hens Tracey got for us. It is the prettiest shade of blue but it doesn't show up too much. The color I am talking about. It wasn't a whole lot bigger than a large robins egg.

It was very cool today. No rain but the coolest day we have had for weeks and weeks. I had to wear a sweatshirt when I went outside. It almost felt good but the summer weather is returning the first of the week.

We worked Carstens horses again. Bob is coming along with Blondie. If I could lift the saddle up on Target I would have had her saddled tonight. So she got bumped with it and smelled it and I carried it around her. Picked up her feet and cleaned them out with a hoof pick. Her front feet that is. I used the rope to pick them up but dropped it and just held them with my hand and picked them out. She was pretty calm about the entire ordeal.

When I went to put out horses in this morning after I got up and around, Ditto came and put her head in my chest. I don't know that she has ever done that. I need to spend more time with the old girl. Then Yuma got jealous and wanted attention too. He is so funny. His personality has sure changed since we took him to the horse show and he got alot of attention. Love that donkey.

Remember: You must give time to our fellow men - even if its a little thing, do something for others - something for whichg you get no pay but the privilege of doing it. Albert Schweitzer

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Friday was kind of grey today but no more rain. Rain is wonderful for our pasture but no so good for the farmers just getting started with harvest.

My knee still hurts but I did get around a little better today.I soaked in the bathtub a while ago so maybe that will help it. I would really like to know what I did.\

We went over to work horses this evening before Bob went to his Search and Rescue meeting. Blondie is much better. She is watching him with two eyes and moves softly away from him. He will work her tomorrow and then she will have the weekend off. Target let Rebecca walk right up to her and she brushed her all over. Maybe tomorrow we can get the saddle on her. I can't do it right now.

Bob is going over to Nikki's on Saturday AM to deliver some meat. Sunday he is going to go to some kind of a 50's reunion picnic of Puyallup High School and he wants to see our sister in law who is still in the nursing home. Then he will come home late. He has to work Monday AM.

Remember: I am only one, but still I am one; I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. Edward F. Hale

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Won't be too much of an entry tonight. Thunder is booming and the wind is blowing. Besides my knee hurts really bad. Don't know what I did but its yelling at me and sitting in a chair does not help it. Wish I knew what I did because I sure as heck would not do it again.

Bob went and worked Blondie today. She is getting better every day. He is working her with a pole now so he can stay out of reach of those hind feet. That white flag pops her every time she whales at it and its getting better. Rebecca wanted to work with Target. Bob showed her some things and she did that and was so proud of herself. I think she is about 12. Target is gentle and has never offered to kick or bite. Bobs leg has not turned purple like I thought it was goine to. Its still tender but he will recover.

Bob goes back to work tomorrow. He likes being home but we like the paycheck too. He works five days and then five off. He is job sharing and this gives each of them 2 long weekends a month.

Remember: Withing every advesity lies a slumbering possibility. Robert H. Schuller

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

Today, I am thankful for the pasture we found that was belly deep to the cows that we can get very reasonable for the next three months. That will keep us from haveing to start feeding hay soon. I am thankful for the cattle too. We manage to sell enough beef to do the extra things we want to do.
Our neighbors that came and hauled one load for us so we did not have to make two trips. Good friends and neighbors are a blessing.

Our truck and trailer getting ready to load. This is primarily our horse trailer but we use in for cattle too. Bob is out washing it out at this moment. We love our trailer and it was worth going to Colorado to get. We bought it off e bay believe it or not.
So, I am thankful for the pasture and the cows today. They allow us our mustang habit without pinching pennies so much.
Speaking of mustangs, Bob went and worked Blondie this afternoon. We ran out of time to go back this evening. She was a little calmer today he said. He is working her with the pole so he can stay out of range of those hind feet until she calms down. She took a swipe at the pole and got spanked. She looked at him like Oh dear it kicked me back. She will learn to keep her feet under her.
Those who read blogs know that Andrea's (Mustang Saga) sister is fighting breast cancer and today was her first chemo. Keep her (Amy) in your prayers. Their whole family too.
Remember: Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe. It is not enough that a thing be possible for it to be believed. Voltaire

Monday, August 10, 2009


I just love the grain fields this time of the year. Curt will start harvesting the end of the week. I think of the words of the song America - Oh beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain.
This was "THE evening working with untrained, ungentled (sort of) horses. Target did wonderful. Blondie was jerking me around pretty good. She was really being naughty. So, we traded horses again. He was afraid I would get hurt. Well, he was trying to turn her to her bad side and she whirled and nailed him in both legs with her hind feet. He got out of her way so he really didn't get hurt, he will be black and blue tomorrow. She got worked hard for another hour until her attitude changed. She was really bad today, would not look at you, kept swinging her butt at you. Any way Bob will go over in the morning and work her again. Then we will go later and I will work Target. He will work Blondie again.
Bob went and got the facia stuff to finish the house. I am so excited for it to be really truely done. And tomorrow besides working horses the cows/calves get moved to a pasture up by Newport till October.
Remember: Do what you can with what you have, where you are. Theodore Roosevelt

Sunday, August 9, 2009


No pictures today. This was branding and banding day. The cows and calves are going off to pasture up by Newport for a couple of months. They will be running with other cow calf pairs and the calves had not been branded. The little bull calves needed banding. All were bull calves but one. Tom and our grandson Joel and their families came out to help. The boys helped alot. They did not like the branding but I don't either. The smell gets to me. So, they are all branded and the boys are banded.

Poor Heather, city girl grandaughter in law, she was horrified. Grandma - does it hurt? Well yes it hurts. The banding does not hurt at the time but it can't feel so good later. She was ready to throw up. I told her to go to the house if it bothered her but I had to stay to help. Bless her heart, she stuck it out watching from outside the fence.

Our little great grandaughter Lilianna called the chickens "cookers". Cracked us up. She wanted to play with them but they are not toys and would not have liked it. So the Cookers were safe from an imp with pony tails out each side of her head.

Nothing much about horses today. Today was a cow day.

Remember: A sweet old lady stays active all her life. A grumpy old grouch sits and rocks. Anonymous

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday, August 8th.

I took this picture this evening in our front yard. The setting sun was very red. So pretty. I liked that picture. We have such beautiful sunsets.
My sweet Skeeter. When Bob got up he sneaked into his warm spot and slept with me. He loves being under the covers when it is cooler out. In fact, Bob has to moved him almost every night when he comes to bed. Such a character.

When we went to work horses this evening, I took pictures of Terri's flowers. She has so many beautiful ones. I loved this sunflower picture. They always make me feel like they are smiling.
We had good luck with the horses this evening. We traded horses and I worked with Blondie. He had not been able to get a halter on her but I did. Neener neener, lol. She really does not like her faced touched so I spent most of the hour just rubbing her face and talking to her. I did earlier today get a rope loo0ped over her nose so had some control but when it came time and I had rubbed her all over with with it, she let me put it on her. She didn't like it but she let me. Then we worked on leading and rubbing and leading and rubbing. Bob was going to saddle Target but Carstens were not home and we did not take a saddle pad so she just got bumped with it and let smell it. Maybe Monday we will. Or tomorrow if we go then. It feels so good when we can gain their confidence like we are.
Remember: If you judge people, you have no time to love them. Mother Theresa

Friday, August 7, 2009


It only got to 72 today. A relief to say the least. However, I hope that summer is not over.

This was a sad day. Our son Tom lost his little ShitZu dog Killer. She greeted him when he got home from work about four and he went out to do something and found her laying in the yard. She was gasping for air and died in his arms. He brought her out here to bury her under our maple tree with Tory my first poodle that lived to 19, Shane my first Shitzu, my sweet Sophie-the Shitzu I lost last winter. Sophie and Killer were from the same litter and we got her for Tom for Christmas 12 years ago. He was embarrassed because he was crying and I told him his dad and I cried over Sophie for a week.

It is spitting rain this evening and there was thunder bouncing around so we did not go and work with Target and Blondie. Maybe tomorrow. Well I know tomorrow. We are getting paid for it.

We went in to Big R and got some things today and Bob went to his friend Don's home and we borrowed several ice chests so with ours he can deliver meat to the coast next weekend. Don and Shirley's son Darren got home this morning from Iraq. Welcome home Darren and thank you.

I was looking thru the books in the bookshelf this morning and I found a book given to my grandfather George Foreman by my Great Aunt and Uncle, Nellie and Jack Dierke for Christmas in 1912. That will go to my cedar chest instead of the book shelf. What a treasure it is.

Remember: Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not. Samuel Johnson

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Hasn't Amelia filled out alot. She has probably gained 200 pounds.
I meant for this one to be first but oh well. She was standing the otherside of the fence from the cows and stopping her foot. She wanted more grain. She gets Sr Feed in the mornings. She thought because we were out there she should get more. Instead, all she got was her picture taken.

If you remember me posting a picture of the tiniest calf we have ever had - Tiny Tim - this is him now. He turned red and has grown but is still really small. His mother has really grown too. I doubt that she was much more than a year when Tim was born.

My favorite picture in a long time. I want to know the story this house has to tell. It is not too far from where we live. We stumbled on it just driving around the other day. I love it. Can't you just see children running and playing around the house. I can make up a story in my mind.
I have a new blog written by a friend of mine in Burns, Oregon. She has written a book about the mustang herds in Oregon. This is her blog - Oregon's Living She has worked a long time on it. Check it out.
We are having a lulu of an electric storm rolling in so I need to close up shop here and turn off the computer.

Where there is great love there are always miracles. Willa Cather.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Our Rusty on her romp for the evening. She just tears for a few laps every evening when we let her out. She is so pretty.

This is Blondie. She can be walked up to just fine but has never been worked. Bob got her to turn into him this evening and look with both eyes and to whoa. She hates her face being touched so we will have to work on that.

This is Target. We did have her for a few weeks last year and Bob rode her but they did not do a single thing with her. So we started over. This evening she said, I have done all this. I put a saddle pad on her and she carried it while we did everything else. She is really a nice mare. I also picked up both front feet. She had no trouble with one foot and we worked on the other longer.
I took a pot of soup into some elderly friends today. They really love my potatoe soup so I made them some. I was going to make some biscuits too but not in the house today. It got hot this afternoon.
Remember: Humor is mankinds greatest blessing. Mark Twain

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

Today I am thankful for my flowers this summer. I usually just have some petunias but I love this nastursium bed.They are so lush and beautiful.

I planted some climbing ones that are not climbing and some hanging ones and they are. Just love this flower bed. Also have a beautiful bed of poppies that do well with little water, a planter of geraniums and the daisies that I showed pictures of another day.

They are so pretty pretty on the rear of the garage. Yes, I am thankful for pretty flowers this hot summer day.
Today I saddled up Pepper with my new saddle. Did not take the camera to the barn with me sorry. It looks pretty on him. A couple of years ago he bought me a beautiful breast collar that I have not used often. It was too big for Dixie. The tooling on it is of oak leaves. Guess what the tooling on my new saddle is - oak leaves. It matches perfectly and it fits Pepper. So does the saddle and it fit my rear on the saddle too. I had not paid for it until I tried it on him but it works, IT WORKS for both of us. The only adjustment I need to make is let the stirrups down. I rode them the way they were but my knees felt it. I only rode a couple of miles to get the feel of it. Hurrah.
Remember: I believe in laughter. I think it is food for the soul. Tommy Lasorda

Monday, August 3, 2009


No pictures today. I cleaned house today. I especially worked in our bedroom. I am determined to weed out alot of stuff and send it to the Salvation Army. All through the house. Enough of this mess. Bob and I are both pack rats. Not enough room to pack rat any more.

This evening we went to start the two mustangs that we have been hired to do. We had Target a year ago for 90 days and Bob was riding her but she was green enough that they were timid about riding her so now we are basically starting over but she will progress much faster. And then there is Blondie who is 3 and is quite gentle but they really have not started her any way.

They had set up two round pens and we put one in each one of them. I worked with Target and Bob worked Blondie. In just a few minutes I was rubbing her face and put the halter on. In abouyt half an hour she was working well and coming up to me. I could rub her right side clear to her hip but the left side was not so easy. We will go tomorrow when it cools down in the evening.

When we got home we got our greeting from Yuma. He always greets us with a big hee haw.

Remember: Nothing shows a man's character more than what he laughs at. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


There are alot of pictures today. Most will be most interesting to my family, but first is my new saddle that Bob got me this weekend. It feels soo comfy. Can't remember the brand but no matter, it fits my old rear.

We had a very nice time at my family reunion this past Saturday. Most of these pictures are of my family on my dad's side. There were four generations there. My uncle is 93 1/2 and still drives up to his cabin on Clear Lake south of Puyallup, WA and cuts his winter wood. He is a crusty old gent, the very last of his generation of my family.

This is the fourth generation there. Alot of them were missing I am sure. Four of them are Nikkis boys and I think Casey. Can't remember for sure his name.

The second generation minus a few. Nikki, Lisa and Debbie in the back, Angel Serena and Rob in the front row. Rob and Debbie arrived on Harleys along with some of the others.

Here is the second generation - all first cousins. I believe 4 were missing. George (also known his whole life as Twig), Randy and Larry on the back row. They are brothers. The second row is Karen and Jody. Jody is the top row sister. She and Twig look so much alike. The front row is Eloise, Mary Kay and me.

Uncle George, his girls and grandaughter Serena. She is his only grandchild. Mary Kay looks so much like her mother and Karen is the image of Uncle Georges sister, my Auntie Lou who died when I was a kid.

My Uncle George, who was my daddys baby brother with Eloise and me.

This lady is Elsie (Myers). She thought I might bed Sharon. She is the daughter of my daddys aunt and uncle who mostly raised him.