Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

That is the extent of our snow. Not enough to really worry much about it. It spit all late morning and early afternoon but it did not stick. For that I am grateful.

I was thinking - I made a raspberry/apple pipe today. It has probably been 20 years since I baked a pie. It is not my talent but I wanted a pie so did it. Bob thinks it is too sour. I thought it was good. I bought the crust. I just don't do pies. Guess I will have to wait 20 more.

I was thinking - we had a great Mustang Club meeting this evening. I am so glad there was such a good turn out. There was a good discussion of things to come. I think Mustang Days is back on. Andrea will help me get things organized. Our next meeting will be December 12th. and a Christmas Party. Love that group of people. They are all friends.

I was thinking - life is good for me. Not everything is great, but I would not trade it. I love my family, I love my horses, I love the outside.

Joy to you all.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My blgs recently have had little or nothing to do with our mustangs. I find myself whining and complaining. Today I kicked myself in the posterior and told me to shut up. Even though grey days really affect me. Andrea and I need help. If you read her blog today - Mustang Saga - you will understand.

This picture is our beautiful Wrangler surveying things. He, Amelia who is right beside him being him, Ditto and Pepper are in this field. He does not go in at night and he and Amelia talk off and on all night. He is such a pretty big boy. l decided to do portraits of the barn horses before I put them out. Ditto is the last out and she was irritated with me. She is my sweet old friend. At 28 she has lots of energy especially when its time to eat.

Somehow I got two pictures of Amelia and I am not sure how to get one of them off. So please pretend there is only one. I am not too computer savy as you all can figure out. I usually call Nikki and ask her to do it for me. Don't feel like it tonight. So you get duplicate pictures. She wanted out, right now. Her friend Wrangler was calling her, couldn't I hear it. She is fat and sassy. Quite a change from last summer when we brought her home and she was skinny and uninterested in anything.

And then of course there is Pepper. He's the one who stranded me on his back bareback. Bob is still laughing at me. He is such a great horse, everyone loves him. His eyes are a little worse but he still sees well.
So here I am, and snow is predicted for tomorrow but not sticking. Hope not. It was a beautiful day today but quite chilly. I got the stalls done. That always makes me feel good.
Had my flu shot today so am all set. Had to call around. Several places had run out so I went into Safeway in Cheney where I have gotten it for the past few years. I am getting several different opinions on the pneumonia vaccine. I had one about 3 years ago and the nurse said I should not need another but some have told me I need one every 2 or 3 years. I had the pneumonia in the next few months after I had been hospitalized with it.
Please keep praying for out grandaughter.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

Today I have much to be thankful for. Primarily on my list today was NO snow. Not one snowflake. Hallelujah. Its cold tonight though but the stars are out. That always makes me feel like a small pea in a large pond when the stars are so bright.

Now for the not so thankful thing today. Our 15 year old grandaughter found a lump in her breast. She is scheduled for a mammogram next week. She has large breasts for her age (like her mother did) and the doctor was not too worried about the smaller one Nikki found but there is a large one closer to under her arm that she is worried about. Please pray, Nikki is terrified and her mother is not too much better off.

Mucked stalls today. The horses were glad to get out today and in the crispy sunshine and ran and bucked. But they were glad to be back in this evening. I always enjoy that part of the chores. Amelia has got the routine down pat now.

Take care and have a wonderful Wednesday.

Monday, October 26, 2009


I took this picture yesterday. It poured down rain today so nothing would have been out in the field unless it was a duck. They looked so peaceful. There are 5 there. The one on the far left is a big buck. I think they can read the no hunting signs.

An awful weather day but not as awful as it is going to be. We had over an inch of rain today. And it is supposed to snow tonight. The snow level is 2,000" and we are at about 2,500'. I am not, I repeat NOT looking foreward to it at all. They are predicting a wet and pretty much snowless winter and that would be good after the last two years. I did have to shut the overhead barn door because it was blowing rain halfway down the aisle. The barn horses did not get out today.

We have got to figure out what to do with the donkeys. They have no shelter. And Bob is going elk hunting this weekend. I will figure something out. They looked pathetic when I fed them this evening. It did not quiet their voices though. They talk to me when I go out to feed until I get there with their hay.

I will get my flu shot tomorrow now that I am well. They think the older generation doesn't need the H1N1 shot. I hope they are right.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Wish I had my longer lens. These were geese. Floating along the river enjoying the Sunday morning sunshine. They looked so pretty and relaxed along a pretty section of the river.

Bob went hunting but didn't get anything. I think he really enjoys being out there but he likes venison. I don't. I would rather he waited until elk season and hunted them. I like elk meat. He will hunt that too. He lives for this season of the year. I would rather have him home but won't argue about it. He does very little just for him.

The horses were not so anxious to come in this evening. It had been sunny and they enjoyed it. Wrangler was at the gate but he doesn't come in. Had to go call the other 3. Then they came and went into the barn. Both Amelia and Pepper had to be reminded to go to their stalls and not stop and eat grass along the way. Ditto never has to be reminded. I did not clean stalls today. I will strip them tomorrow.

Rusty is very funny when its feeding time. She starts pawing from the minute I go out until the minute she gets her hay. I ask her if she is counting. Wham wham wham. She is a funny mare. But so beautiful.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Smile

Let me introduce you to Miss Fancy Kitty. She is one of the barn kitties. Her sister has long hair and is much more timid than Fancy. I can pet her gently when she is eating. I don't know where she and Fluffy came from. Two white kittens appeared in the barn and they have grown up to be beautiful cats.
Bob has been hunting today. He called a little bit ago and said they were in Chewelah on their way home. No deer. I think he expected me to be sad but I wasn't. I don't like venison so I am not sad.

The barn horses were glad to get out this morning in the sunshine even though it was chilly. It was windy and I wished I had put on a hat and gloves. They ran and bucked after not getting out yesterday. Later in the afternoon I cleaned the stalls. Two days and anymore it would have been really hard again. Ditto and Peppers stalls were not too bad but Amelia really can mess a stall up good. She is getting good about going in though. I just turned her loose with the other two to go in and she was the first to get there. Pepper as usual had to have a pop on the rear to remind him. I had intended to ride this afternoon but it was too windy. So, I took a nap instead.

Friday, October 23, 2009


I figured out why my camera was on strike. Duh, the battery was dead and I then could not find the charger. I found it this evening in the car. Its one that you can plug in the car or in the house. Well, it was in the car so its charging up. I don't know what I would have taken a picture of today. It poured rain all day long. I didn't even put the barn horses out. I imagine they are mad but I could not bear it because there is no shelter in their pasture.

I have some bruises today but was not as sore as I thought I would be. The worst one is on my left wrist. Didn't know I hit it. I will survive though. I did have to give Amelia a treat today though and tell her I knew she didn't so it on purpose.

On the blog The Serenity Room, Barbara is giving away a beautiful Pashima shawl. I would love to win it. I will have to think of something one of these days to give away. I keep my horse books usually. Will have to think about it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

I was thinking I was glad no one had a camera today when I was doing chores. I would have been embarrassed, humiliated and anything else you can think of. Poor Amelia had a run in with first the goat, then Pepper and then me. The goat head butted her in the rear, Pepper wouldn't let her by and she knocked me head over tea kettle, splat on the ground on my back looking up. She looked at me like oops, I am sorry. Do you have any idea how big a 13 hand horse looks when you are laying on the ground. She looked like a Belgian Draft horse. She just trotted over and went into her stall. I lay there groaning. I am fine, just some sore spots.

Then on a more serious note, I was thinking of families and how important they are. And I was thinking about our DIL Debbie and her sister Donna. Now Donna can be abrasive and has a past of drugs and who knows what but they are all each other have. When their dad died this past weekend, Debbie did not call Donna and Donna heard about from a 3rd party on Monday. Debbie can't understand why Donna was so mad. I told Debbie that should have been her second telephone call. She told me she could not deal with her. I have been thinking about that and praising God that our family is relatively close. Not that they don't have their disagreements about life styles, and other junk but God help anyone who said anything about siblings. My sister and I are very close even though we live far apart. I just don't get this disfunction.

Then I was thinking that this was a beautiful day. I should have gone riding.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

No pictures. My camera went on strike for some reason. Darn.

I am thankful tonight for the garden I had. I have tons of squash in the freezer, a lot of zucchini ground and in the freezer. A lot of applesauce and apple pie filling in the freezer and today I made tomato sauce. I will have to figure out how to add what spices because the recipes I have found all have stuff in it that I don't want. Five pounds of tomatoes don't make a lot of sauce however and that is about what I had left. Five pounds. Still have carrots in the ground. I did not thin them too well and they are odd shaped but still good.

I need to tell a joke on myself. Well, it will be a joke to you but not so much to me at the time. I cleaned stalls, worked in the barn and decided it was such a nice day I would ride Pepper for a little bit bareback. I thought, everyone rides him with just a halter and I would. Well, I got on him. I have to be high enough just to swing my leg over and that is what i did. However, Pepper did not want to go for a ride anywhere, he wanted to eat grass. He put his head down and eat he did. The rope I had tied on to his halter so it was like a bridle came untied and I had one rope and he was determined to put his head down and eat. I had to sit on him until Bob got home because I can't get off without being able to step on to something and in the middle of the lawn, nothing. I thought Bob was going to have a seizure laughing at me. He got Pepper over so I could get off and I had a loud conversation with a horse that knows he is king of the universe. Next time I get a bug to ride bareback, and I do love to ride bareback, he will have a bridle on his little black head.

Now that you all have had a good laugh, talk to you tomorrow.

Monday, October 19, 2009


A busy day and no pictures. I worked in the house alot of the day. The maid didn't show up. Oh, I don't have one? Darn, I keep waiting.

Bob and my project this week is cleaning the barn. He has filled it with so much stuff that there is not room to get thru there hardly. Its dodge and dart around sprayers and such. We made a good start today. I found some horse blankets that I knew I had but could not locate. Now they need to be washed and Amelia will have a warm blanket when the weather makes it prudent to put one on her. I still need to buy Ditto one. Bob got several things put up on the loft.

I picked the stalls and it was so much easier on my back. Now to be disciplined enough to do it every day. I know that the horses appreciate it too.

Our daughter in law lost her father yesterday. I wish I could say something to help her. She is strong but not as strong as she is making out to be. She has been his primary caregiver for years. Rest in peace Ray and Debbie our prayers are with you.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


This is my Saturday Smile picture on Sunday. We stopped on our way to church this morning so I could take this picture. The sun was shining thru the fog. It was so peaceful and beautiful.

Today Fast Eddie went to a new home. A lady showed up right after we got home from church with her trailer. Her 10 year old daughter officially bought him. I put him on Craigslist for $200.00 and got $160.00 for him. (I paid $40.00) A good profit huh? Bob said I could go look for another buy like that anytime. Most importantly though, I am sure he went to a loving home.

THEN, I went back to the job I knew I needed to do today and that was to clean stalls. Oh my aching back but they have nice fresh clean stalls all newly beded. Its a big job but if I did it every day it wouldn't be such a chore.

Amelia was much better about being caught this evening but Pepper was a brat. He thought he was a mighty black stallion. When Bob caught him he told him off and Pepper just looked at him like Oh well, it felt good to run;.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I went to Ellensburg yesterday afternoon and spent the night in the motel. I had a WSH Board Meeting this AM till noon. It was a good productive meeting I think. Like a lot of organizations, not just horsey ones, we need to figure out how to do things that work differently than it has always been done. The drive over was totally inauspicious. Just putzed along.

The drive home was the same. For that I am greatfull. The only thing wrong with the day was Katie was supposed to do the chores and because I got home she left. I don't mind doing them but was very tired. Bob was irritated when he called and I was doing them.

After getting so tired driving yesterday and today I am maybe giving driving to Mississippi by myself next spring another thought. I don't know. Will have to price airlines and give it some more thought. I really wanted to drive though. Or, maybe I will invite a grandchild to go with me. I don't know. I have time to think about it.

Amelia did not want to come in this evening. I was just going to put her halter on when Bob called me on my cell phone. When the others came in first she said neener neener, can't catch me ......... but I did. She took a pop at me with her hind legs, missed me completely but got spanked for it.

Bob went hunting today for a while. He sat on a hill and watched deer in the valley then left. He is at a BackCountry Horse Meeting this evening. I would have liked to have gone but am just too tired. He went straight from our friends house who he went hunting with.

It is supposed to start raining tonight. We need it but am not looking foreward to the dark dismal days. Those are always hard for me.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday.

I was thinking today about how beautiful Rusty is. Isn't that mane something and I have not even brushed it for a long time. She is proud of it.
I accidently loaded two of the same pictures and I can't remember how to delete one of them. Anyway I thought this reminded me of the Micheal W. Smith song of the 80's Friends are friends forever. They really are friends. Yuma too but he did not want his picture taken today.

And this is my thoughtful picture of Fast Eddie. I put him on Craigslist today for $200 obo. He must go to a good home though.
I have been thinking of alot of things today. Why do grown up kids worry you more than when they lived at home?
Thinking of how much I love our animal friends.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday - An adventure

No pictures, it was too dark. This afternoon about 3:30 we received a telephone call that our cows were out. All 9 cow calf pairs and and extra cow besides our neighbors 2 cow calf pairs. The cattle were on 100 acres up near Old Town just outside of Newport in Idaho. Now would you not think 100 acres and they would be satisfied? Well guess not because the knocked a gate over and went meadering up the hiway to Priest Lake. Someone chased them off the road. We hitched up the trailer and at the last minute I ran and got Pepper, tacked him up except his bridle and loaded him

We got up there in daylight, Pepper and I went in search of the wandering cows . We found them eating comfortable in someones front well manicured front yard. I got them headed toward where they were supposed to be. Pepper thinks chasing cows is just too much fun but he didn't much like the deer bounding out in front of us. We got the cows back in their pasture. Bob and John started putting up the panels to make a holding area.

Mind you all this time it is raining pretty hard and I am sure I looked like a drown rat. I was headed down this long driveway to another gate so I could go in and close gates so they could not head out for who knows where again. The lady who shares their long - probably a mile long driveway came down the driveway and I was getting off as far as I could go. She stopped rolled down her window and told me I should not be riding a black horse at night, she could hardly see me. I thanked her, got thru the gate and had a laughing fit. Its nearly dark, pouring down rain, the rain in dripping off my helmet and she thinks I am out riding for fun. Come on now. Doesn't every one do things like that.

I got the gates all closed and went back to where the panels were set up and we went in search of the little herd. They were in a copse of trees. Now they all know Pepper and did not think they had to move. Much yelling and whooping and they went out. Have you ever tried to ride thru trees when you could not see the limbs. They don't feel well when they smack you. I was glad I had a helmet on. It took the brunt.s

The rest of the story is just mediocre. They went in the little pen, we got half into our trailer and half into Johns and they are all in their little winter pasture here. John thinks I am wonder woman and the guy whose place they were supposed to be at told me I was one tough broad. I guess that was a compliment. Pepper was wonderful. I know he had never been ridden like that in the dark and he did everything I asked. He got an extra scoop of grain tonight.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy

My father Vern E. Myers. He would have been 99 today. I think I have the age correct. There has not been a day in the past 54 years that I have not missed him. I was his shadow. He taught me to milk cows, clean calves pens, swim, dance and many more things. I only heard him swear one time in my life. And that was at a cow. They have driven me to utter a cuss word too.
He had fair skin but very dark hair. I look much like his mother. He injured his leg/hip in an accident but I don't remember how. He drove truck for Goodwill when I was very young. He worked in a truck garden near Auburn at one time with his best friend Gabrielle who was a large Phillapino man. He worked for the Milwaukee Railroad until he became ill. He died at age 45 of lung cancer.
We named our oldest son (middle name) after him.
One of the last things he knew that I did and I remember his pride was I won a college scholarship with my beef cow. He got he a cow show halter. I have it to this day. I treasure it.
My daddy was a dreamer. I don't think it was always profitable but he had big dreams. So do I.
Happy birthday in heaven my dear daddy.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Happy Anniversary

Today was our 52nd. wedding anniversary. Bob had these for me when he got home from work. They smell so heavenly. He doesn't bring me flowers often so it was a special treat.

Then we went to the cattle auction. Not so romantic but we enjoy it. We have more orders for meat than we have steers and went looking for a bargain that was not going to require feeding to make it meat ready. We did. He will go get it tomorrow. They had a big pen of longhorn cattle but we did not stay that long. I wanted to see what they went for. I wanted a set of the horns. Big suckers with LONG horns.

Nikki fixed my name on Face Book and now I can't sign on and she left so I can't call her. Maybe it will work later. I wanted to put my maiden name with my present name so maybe someone in my past will find me.

Night all. Maybe it won't be so cold tomorrow. Boy were Amelia and Ditto glad to get it. Katie is coming out tomorrow and work Abby hard so maybe she will be acting better.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Our spoiled and indulged dogs. They each have a pillow. We were getting ready for church and I walked in and saw them. Skeeter just opened his eyes but did not offer to move.

It is very cold here. Went to 18 last night and is to go to 12 tonight. I am not ready for this. We had pulled all the hoses drained them and put them up for the winter. Tonight Bob put the heaters in the two waterers outside. He turned the automatic ones in the stalls up a notch. It is supposed to s...... on Tuesday before warming up and just raining. We need the water bad.

Bob put Amelia out with the other horses today and Abby starting attacking again. She ran her off to a far corner. I finally went in and beat Abby off with a rope and got Meli back out. Then Abby took after Wrangler and kicked him twice in the head and he has two nasty cuts on his face. We took him out of there too. I am about ready for Katie to take her to the moon. I can't imagine what has got into her. She even has Pepper intimidated and we won't tolerate that long.

We went to church and then to dinner for our anniversary. It is tomorrow but Bob has to work and we went today. We went to Chili's. I had ribs. Not the best I have eaten. They were kind of dry. We had fun anyway. 52 years married.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Smiles

Who could resist smiling back at that big grin. This is Skyelor, out 13 year old grandson. He rarely smiles and I considered this picture a grand slam. I grin back at him every time I look at this picture.

We took Henry back today to be with his mama. She heard him holler for her before he even got out of the trailer and she came on the run. He is certainly old enough to be weaned but he did not think so. I did not plan on going with Bob but he wanted me to so the apples will have to wait for another day. Bob brought me in another bucket full. Apples coming out my ears.

Ditto has got into the hang of coming in when I call her as she has done for several years now. Amelia said, no you are not catching got a can with some grain and she came to a screeching halt and came to me at a trot. I had to laugh at her. She will get it. She was funny.

I went grocery shopping this evening earlier. I hate it but its necessary. Not a good evening to go shopping though. All the crazies of the area were there too.

Friday, October 9, 2009


The first basket of apples I picked today. I picked two more larger containers. Now I have to figure out what to do with them all. I have already put enough applesauce in the freezer for a couple or three years. I am going to put bags ready to make pie or apple crisp with.This is the biggest crop we have gotten off the tree. There probably is another container full where I can't get to them. The tree will need to be sprayed in the spring and we will have to figure out how to keep the yellow jackets out of the tree. Most of the damage on the apples are from those nasty critters.

Boy did Ditto and Amelia like being in the barn last night. Ditto came on the run when I called her this evening but I had to go get Amelia. When she remembered where we were going she came as fast as I could walk. I put the old girls out with the rest of the horses for the day. Ditto did fine but Abby was so mean to Amelia and finally Meli just went to her own corner of the pasture and stayed away. I won't do that to her again. Abby was even mean to her when I was trying to lead her out. She followed us kicking at her. I just can't subject that old pony to that kind of treatment.

Henry is still bawling his head off but its not quite as loud. He did quit when he was laying down and he didn't even do that yesterday. He is healing up just fine. More penicillin on Sunday and then he can either go back up to his mother or out to the pasture here.

It is supposed to be 15 degrees tonight. That is COLD. I hope my carrots wont be hurt. Forgot to go pull them until right now. Today I made a stew for dinner and the only thing I bought was the onion. I did not grow them. It was the last of the potatoes though. Did not have many.

Bob is blowing the pipes out of a mobile for a friend of ours. He has put it off and now it must be done. Its an older lady that has been like family to us. When Bob got over there, with the truck running he accidentally locked himself out and his tools were in the cab. I had to go take my key. I wasn't too happy about it but it gives me a big laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Jadeyn Justine

Our beautiful Jade turned 12 today. She is a very social butterfly and going through the normal things a 6th. grade girl turning 12 goes thru. Her mother and sister took a balloon bouquet to her during her lunch time. She loved her. Her dad came and had cake and ice cream and brought her a beautiful coat for her birthday. He has not always been present for her and it meant alot to have him there this evening.
We put Henry back in the chute this afternoon to check his surgical procedure site considering the mess he was when we started. Actually, he is doing great. He got another cambiotic shot, actually 2 of them and a tetanus toxoid shot and an anti tetanus toxoid shot. He was really mad when we were trying to get him in the chute. He put his head down and got me right in the solar pl exes. I am a little sore but he was just scared. I would not have wanted to go back in there if I had had to have all that surgery done. It had to hurt. Saturday, he will get transported back to his mother. Our ears will be glad of that. He has not stopped bawling for his mom. I think his throat should be sore by now.
I felt terrific today. That is a first in over a month. I cleaned stalls. I played with Pepper and Rosie for a while. I put the hay and grain in the stalls so when the horses came in it was ready. I got the hay in the wheelbarrow for the two penned up horse and the donkeys. Bob fed them and I put the three horses in just before we left for Jades party. It felt so so so good to be outside and doing things. Hurrah.
My thinking day - I was thinking about the night Jade was born. What a pretty baby she was.
I was thinking about this past month and how nasty I have felt and so thankful that today was good. I thought about all the apples on the tree that need picked and processed. I was thinking about all the acorn squash and how I was going to keep them good until we eat them. I have enough Hubbard squash in the freezer to feed an army. I was thinking how good it was about all the things I have put in the freezer when I cooked too much that we have used this month when I was just not up to it. And most of all I thought how good it was to be outside.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This was the view out of my living room window this evening. I wish the camera could get it just as it was. Beautiful

Henry decided to get out somehow today. He is missing his mother and bawling for her. He is some swollen but seems ok. He will get another shot of penecillin and tentnus tomorrow. I hope he is still contained in his pen tomorrow morning when I get up.

Tomorrow Ditto and Amelia start coming in to their stalls for the night. It is supposed to go down into the high teens over the weekend. Ditto won't tolerate that so much. I need to find her blanket and see if we have one that will fit Amelia. Two old ladies needing special attention. I was over filling their water container and Ditto came and wanted hugs. So she got them. She is my special special horse friend.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thankful Tuesday and some things gross

No pictures today. I left my camera in my vest pocket during our adventure today.

Starting yesterday, I had decided not to get up this week until this stuff in my head went away. Laugh Laugh Laugh joke joke joke. Bob called in the morning and told me he would need me to go to Walmart and get some batteries for the flashlights. AND one of our young critters up on pasture needed doctoring. He (Bob) had to work late and then we would go and our neighbor Shannon would go with us.

We went and the cows and their youngsters thought we were boogymen and could not get close nor get them to go to where we wanted. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this morning, Shannon and I took our horses, well I have a horse, she rides a mule, we went to get them all gathered. It did not take us long to get them thru the gate and into where we wanted them. We had put panels up last night so we just had to run them into there.

The one we needed got right in the trailer, Shannon shut the gate and then all we had to do was hook it back up. That went well and it was down the road toward home.

Now the gross part. The reason we needed to go get Henry was when they banded him to make a steer out of him they did not get it on correctly and his scrotum fell off and one testicle but the other was hanging there. We had to get him into the medicating chute and Shannon who is a vet tech finished castrating him. It was ugly and really gross. The surgery got done and he seems OK. I had to help her and I didn't like it too much. I have to go get tetanus shots for him. He got penicillin today.

And I am thankful, that it is over. And I am thankful that the two cowgirls were successful. Bob was shocked that we could do it by ourselves. Yea Shannon, Yea Me.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday, October 4th.

This picture has nothing to do with our trip to Puyallup this weekend, however this is my sister in a sweatshirt she bought at the Unclaimed Baggage Store in Scottsboro, Alabama. Her family was watching UT play (University of Tennessee play) thus all the orange but she wore that for me. Bless her heart.
We did go to Puyallup this weekend for our brother in law, Jim Trotter's Memorial Service. It was nice enough. Not what I would have planned but it was what his children wanted and that is what was important. After the service we went up to Buckley and had an afternoon and evening with all his kids and their kids ect. It was good to see every one. On our way up there, this picture just screamed at me. I miss "my" mountain. Grew up with it in view all my life until we moved to Eastern Washington.
My past generations lived in Bonny Lake. Great Grandfather, that generation and some since I believe. My Grandmother Kephart was a Myers. I know this road is named for the family some time back. Bob had to make a quick turn in heavy traffic so I could get this picture. My maiden name was Myers.

I always get nostalgic when we go thru Puyallup. I loved the fair. It has turned into a gigantic fair now = 13 days I believe. I really always want to go every year but it has been a while. I think the last time was about 9 years ago. Bob won tickets to go see Reba McEntire at the fair and he did not want to go so Nikki and I went. We had a fun day and saw a nice show.

This is my Saturday Smile picture. Even if it is Sunday. This is on a trailer and is an advertisement for a haunted house. The workmanship is phenomenal. I think it was in Buckley. We were a little ahead of the rest of the family so we just drove around. We had not been up that way for many years. I just thought it was so cool.

This tree was in the parking lot of the church where the service was held. It was so vivid. I loved it.

This is our nephew William who lives in Rock Island, Illinois. I did not know I caught him with his mouth open. He is a very wonderful young man. His wife Pam is a Biochemist, smartest person I will ever know and he teaches math in a Junior College. We had not seen him for a very long time and it was good to see him and to talk to him.

This is our grand nephew Jason and his wife Christy. I included this picture because Christy is an awesome young woman. She has lost 215 pounds and still has many to go but she is commit ed to it. Nice kids.
We came home the "back way" because I90 was closed because of dust storms. We left the Interstate at George, went to Ephrata, Soap Lake and then to Odessa, Davenport and home. We got the back edge of the dust though and I will be blowing dirt out of my head for days.
Fast Eddie got out twice while we were gone so he was in a little pen. He is so cute. I think he goes on Craig's List Monday or Tuesday. I going to ask 100.00 for him. Then we may keep Chemmy for a while and see if he will carry a pack saddle. Yuma will but have never really ponied him and we want to do that.

It is good to be home and my very own bed is waiting........................

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday - Some thoughtful, some just stuff

Cheem Lasso
"Crooked Rope"
AKA Chemmy
He is really sweet. Today I put him in with Fast Eddie and Eddie did not like him too well at first. He is so fat he could not kick with both hind feet. It was kind of funny actually. But by the time they got fed they would eat together. Tomorrow Yuma goes in with them. Now isn't that going to be a kick.
He was a little sad today not understanding where he person was. The old guy had had him five years. I think he is nine. I love him.
Today my thoughts are of my sister who has decided not to see doctors anymore. I know she has not been treated well by them but I am so worried about her. She is so far away and I want to be with her. Or at least see her more often than I am able to now. Tears come easily thinking about her.
Today I was sad to see my boys leave. We had such fun and they were such help. We paid them but not near enough. I thought about the job opportunities that may be open to them.
Today I heard of another friend who lost her grandmother this week. Besides Andrea. I remember mine so clearly. As a kid I remember crawling into her feather bed with her. She lived with us from the time I was 11 months old so I never knew my Grandpa.
I thought today about summer and how quickly it went by. I hope winter goes as quickly.
So thats the way my thoughts have gone today. Tomorrow we leave for Puyallup to attend our brother in laws memorial service on Saturday. I will either post Sunday evening or Monday depending when we get home on Sunday.