Friday, November 21, 2008

continued from below

I don't know what happened, it just would not add anything else. So read the one before this before you read this addition.

2. Build a log house
3. Buy the property across the road
4. Purchase homes for each of our children
5. Actively support some of the causes dear to my heart.

5 places I have lived

all in Washington

l. Kirkland
2. Auburn
3. Tacoma
4. Roy
5. Puyallup Then Spokane and then here

5 jobs I have had

l. Secretary
2. Office Manager
3. Cleaned Airplanes
4. Stay at home mo
5. Riding instructor

5 People I am tagging

l. anyone who wants
2. Nikki

Friday and I am cold

This is Jenn's Riley. He is not too tall but is built like a tank. He certainly looks drafty to me. Not drafty and leaking air when the wind blows but like a draft horse genetics in there someplace. He really respects Jenn on the lunge line. He turns in and he whoa's. But he has a space he wants no one in. Partly, maybe the, reason in our opinions is when she tries he throws a real tantrum. I mean a REAL tantrum. Bob did touch him but it made him mad and he broke the rope. By that time he was stressed to the limit. So, we gave her some ideas and we will go back on Tuesday. He needs a halter on. If he had not broken the rope he would have one on tonight. It was a good lariat but he is a strong sucker. Jenn has done everything right except let him be done when he has these awful tantrums. She doesn't have much assistance but is doing her best. She is knowledgeable about horses and has done a good job. She also needs a smaller pen to work him in. A 60' round pen is too large. She is a very nice young lady and I was glad to meet her off the Yahoo site.
It was cold today. I did not wear as warm a coat or gloves that I should have and was shivering by the time we left. Usually my heavy hoodie with a fleece vest is enough. Not today. I was glad our car heats up quickly. When we got home just ahead of dark Katie was here and had done the feeding for us. Thank you Katie.
Barbara from The Serenity Room was tagged and passed it on to get to know us better.
5 Things I was doing 5 Years ago.
1. Getting over the loss of our son
2. Getting over the loss of Bob's mom
3. Regaining my health after cardiac surgery
4. Learning that life was going to continue
5. Renewing my acquaintance with my horses.
(not a good year)
5 Things on my to do list:
(only 5?)
1. Take the turkey out of the frig
2. Finish my Christmas sewing so I can clean the dining room
3. Answer Peggy's letter before she thinks I have died
4. Get back to my routine of walking
5. Clip Skeeters face
5 things I like to snack on
1. chips and salsa(mild)
2. anything sweet
3. apples
4. little carrots and ranch dip
5. crackers
5 Thinks I would do if I was a millionaire
1. Adopt more mustangs