Friday, April 20, 2012


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Bob is off hauling a very sick horse to the clinic for Dr. Peters and McKinley. He is on their on call list to haul horses when needed. I hope the horse is OK. Dr. Peters has been with her most of the afternoon.

A beautiful afternoon. I helped Bob put in a gate to where Sage Ditto and Ezra are. There is a gate but its clear on the other side and this will be way more convenient. We will put up another gate tomorrow so Raspberry has a run too. She can be out when we are out but she wanders when we aren't and I know she will eat my flowers.

Yesterday my sister and I were looking up some genealogy on line. She belongs to and we traced our family tree back to King Henry 11 of England in 1183. I think royalty got lost between then and now. I am looking for a birth certificate for my dad. The first thing we could find was a census in 19l0 when he was 5.


L Is For.........................

L is for Lea

Its just who I am. On the short side, a little overweight, white hair (it started when I was 19), loving my husband of almost 55 years, get my feelings hurt easily, am crazy about horses, particularly wild ones and more particularly one named Sage. I dislike cooking, I love to crotchet, I love to read. I am a Christian and I love upbeat worship music. Really can't be too loud for me. My favorite vacation ever was a week spent in Key West, Florida with my sister.

I have one sister who lives in Normandy, Tennessee that I miss so much sometimes it makes me cry. She has a daughter named Tina who has two boys, a son named Daniel who has l son and a daughter who has l daughter, my special grandniece who loves horses like I do named Caroline.

I have besides my best friend and husband Bob, A son named Steven and his wife named Debbie, a son named Scott who lived in heaven with Jesus, a daughter named Nikki and her husband named Carmen, A daughter named Coreen who lives in heaven with Scott, A daughter named Christyn and her SO Wendy, and a son named Tom and his wife Christy. They have given us l7 grandchildren and 7 greats.

So that is what L is for