Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hope you don't mind.

Back to meandering through past pictures. It just hurts too bad and my hand does not work well.We were camping at Larabee Corrals and Bob is bringing the horses in.
One of Andi's orphans but I don't remember which one or when

We started out at Larabee and rode 12 miles down the hill toward the Snake River. That is where we camped.

In the Burns Wild horse Corrals.

Cowboy - a young POA that we started for some people. He went well.

Someplace at Clearwater Crossing

At a horse show last April. The footing is plain old squishy wet mud.

Another picture of Star. Sage is build much like her.

Colville adoption.

I have a question. I am having a little trouble with Sage not moving. Bob always starts me out on the lead rope and the last couple of times when he unhooks the rope she won't go forward. I wiggle and kiss and cluck and bump but she just stands there. She doesn't act like she is going to bolt, she just does not move. I don't want to take her out of the round pen until she will move forward. She goes on a lunge line but without a handle on her she has decided not to move. I am puzzled.