Monday, December 10, 2012


 The tenth day of Christmas I have 10 fingers of a hard working man.  Bob thought I was nutty taking pictures of his hands but for day 10 they have been on my mind.  One year when the girls were younger, they sang to their Daddy on Fathers Day the country song "Daddy's Hands".  They both had such good singing voices and I sure wish we could have recorded it.
Kiyanna May Williams
Scott would be so proud of Robby's little girls.  I will have to post the picture of Kiki's sister Piper tomorrow.  It would not load.  Kiki will be four in February.  She is a sweet lovable little girl, however a little bossy. 

Today I just worked on the house most of the day and went and rescued Bob.  He ran out of gas.  That is a regular event in his life it seems.  He prefers to run on the bottom 1/4 of a tank and it catches him once in a while.  LOL.  It drives me nuts.

No more snow today but it was pretty cold.