Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Really Long Ride

We left Friday evening for Heyburn State Park near Plummer, Idaho. We took Wrangler, Pepper and Sage. Bob ponies Sage on Saturday. We rode 14 miles. FOURTEEN. Sage did awesome even though Bob had to pull her up the last hill. She said I am tired. She tried to lay down in the creek on our way back. Other than wanting to stop on the last hill, she did absolutely wonderful. Over logs, through brush, along a narrow trail up and down hill. I was so proud of her and wished I was riding her. Although Pepper took good care of me. We stopped to eat lunch at the vista overlooking the lake and miles and miles. We looked up and a big black cloud blew in. I thought, we had better get out of there. The lightening and thunder started when we were just a little way down the mountain. At one point the thunder and lightening were are at the same time and VERY loud. Pepper twitched but did'nt shy. Marilyn's horse jumped a little, Heather and her horse did OK. Wrangler twitched a little and Sage ran up beside him like help me, please. We did out best to get out of there as fast as we could. By the time we got to the open part where I was most worried about, it had blown over. The rest of the group went on a longer trail from the vista and I was worried about them. They were up on the ridge and it was not a safe place to be.
Angela and Ray having breakfast. Angela thought she might start a new trend in apparel.

My friend Cindi. She had a wreck in the storm. He horse bolted sideways and she went the other, rolled over a hill and hit a tree. She thanked her lucky stars she was wearing a helmet. Her arm was numb, scratches on her face and a skinned up knee but otherwise OK and she rode out. I wear a helmet when I ride, even when riding Pepper who is old faithful. Bob wears one too as does Cindi's husband. I have heard a lot of excuses why people don't wear them from it shows I don't trust my horse, or they are hot (they are) but my head is more valuable.

Marilyn and Murphy.

The storm saying bye as it finished blowing over. It didn't even cool it down a whole lot.

As we started for home, he stormy sky. We arrived home about 10:30 last night and I collapsed into bed and slept like a rock

I will have more pictures from my other camera. I don't ride with my good Canon camera. The other one is still in the trailer. Tomorrow I will have more ambition to do more out there. Today after church I lay down and slept through the Mariners game that I was going to watch. I still will sleep tonight.

That was a long ride and this old body of mine takes a little longer to recover. It was about a half an hour more than I would have liked.