Monday, October 31, 2011


I think the bottom picture is Joel not Dustin. He is 25 I think.


Ditto on the far right and her three sons.
Me winning

Tyler on Rosie. He must have been about 12. I think he is 23 now. And very tall.

Mellow Gold aka Mel

Dustin on Sunny, me leading. I think he was 3 - he is now 28.

Nothing with horses today. Trying to clean house and bake pumpkin bread for Friday. Tomorrow I will make Zucchini bread and maybe get an applesauce cake baked. I need to get the eggs boiled for potato salad too. Also before I can do any of the baking I have to go to the grocery store. Am about out of sugar and am out of flour and a couple of spices. I doubled the pumpkin bread recipe and we have plenty to eat ourselves and plenty for Friday.

Friday is Wayman (our neighbor) memorial service and lunch after here. I have no idea how many to plan on. I will make it though.

We went to friend Mary's place this afternoon to get her smaller lighter horse trailer than ours is. Bob is leaving on Sunday to go to Burns to pick up the 6 month old filly she adopted. He will have a chance to visit with our friend Andi in Burns too. He will probably take her to breakfast on Monday. She lost her husband a little over a year ago. We went, not for the funeral but the next week or so to help her get organized to do things alone. We miss her and we miss her husband.

Tomorrow another photo challenge starts. I love them. They get me out to take pictures of things and think.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Still old pictures but a good day

Didn't he have a cute face.
A few winters ago.


Yuma the day we brought him home from the adoption. He was so cute.



I will need someone to take pictures working Sage again. Today I did not ride but worked her into a sweat. She got things pretty good. Yesterday was not the best day but today she did excellent. The things we have been working on down pretty good. She is so smart.

Church was so good this morning. Pastor spoke about preparing ourselves and our world for the next generation. We are blessed with a very much multi generational church. Lots of young people and lots of older people and tons of kids. Enjoyed it and the fellowship we enjoy so much.

I took Sheya her gift and got my purse. Sheya loved her gift and had a nice chat with dil Christy. I still felt so silly.

Blessings this beautiful Sunday evening.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A good ride

I can't seem to get pictures to load this evening and they were not of today anyway. Does that make sense? Probably not.

Sometimes life comes up and kicks you in the teeth and takes away your mind. That has been me all week. I can't talk about it now but please pray for out family. So with my mind in that state we got ready to go to our granddaughter Sheya's birthday party. She will be 10 on Halloween. Also this week, we have one other granddaughter and 2 daughters in law birthdays. I got the gifts wrapped and put things in a couple of shopping bags and off we went. WELL, I forgot my camera AND Sheya's gift. Got every one elses. Then, I forgot my purse when we came home. Some kind of a ditz huh? So I will drive to church tomorrow with Bob's keys and no purse. Then after church I will take the Bug her gift and get my purse. All in one day. Mercy me.

I did work Sage and ride her for a while today after we got home. She was a bit of a brat when I went to catch her. No problem catching her but she would not lead out of the pasture. I stopped and worked her some but that just made her mad. She was quite good in the round pen when I worked her. I saddled her up and rode her for about half an hour. Not her best but at least we did some things. I must do it again tomorrow. She has been off three days and she did not want to come in.

So that is my saga for today. Am wondering why I have had no comments for quite a while. Is there a problem with my blog. I know my sister and daughter can not for some reason it won't let them comment. Is that the problem with everyone? Or am I boring (I am LOL) or is everyone busy like me.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Not a day with Sage - darn

Past pictures.

Ditto and her last baby, Tango.
Story - Rosie's only baby. He now lives with a little girl over on the west side of the state and she is doing jumping etc.

Old Ditto.

Rosie getting a back scratch after riding all over with Isaac.



I have not had a time with Sage for 3 days now. I must work her at least tomorrow. I don't know if I will have time to ride or not.

Last evening was our Mustang Club Meeting. We had such a good time. It was good. It was out last meeting until January. Now we are planning a Christmas party at Marilyn and Dave's on the 10Th. of December. It is going to be a potluck. They have a lovely home and it will be fun.

Today I spent all afternoon in Couer d'Alene at a meeting. When I got home I started the apples and the pie filling that Nikki makes and it is soooo good. I will have to finish tomorrow though. It smells wonderful.

I finally have an appointment with a hand surgeon for November 15Th. so I can get my hand fixed. Hate it when I can barely hold a glass of water with that hand. Oh well, life goes on.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More old pictures

No new pictures today. Sage got the day off from work. I just caught her and brought her in for her grain. She really does not need the grain but I want her to know that every time I catch her doesn't mean she is going to get a workout.

It was a beautiful day again today. Not warm but pretty. Like this time of the year when the sun shines. I was going to take a picture of the maple tree because it was so beautiful. I just put it off yesterday thinking I had today, well, the leaves are most all on the ground this morning. That will teach me to procrastinate. That is something I am really good at.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Old pictures but a good day

Sage, Ditto and Amelia
Bob and the boys getting hugs.


Stella and Rocky.

No pictures of Sage and I working today. We worked about an hour on the ground and I rode about an hour. It was good and she did what I asked. I had to pop her on the neck a couple of times to keep her moving at a decent pace. She would like to just amble. I know she is plumb tired or going around and around.I want to at least get out to the arena. I think it will be better but want to get the okay from Marilyn. I have entrusted her to help me finish her so I will do as she says.

Went to the doctor for a blood draw to check my potassium levels again. I have been taking a supplement trying. Don't know why it was low. I feel great though.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Three Hours.........Whew

From the part of the South Steens where the horses reside to the higher Steens Mountains. It was cold up there but we did have a fun day.

Today Sage and I both got a real workout.

I rode her about an hour and a half, part of the time on the lunge line and it scared me a little because I did not feel in control. By the time we were done she was turning nicely on her rear end and walking right out. I was exhausted when she let me out.

Marilyn working on the ground with her. She worked her and I worked her. Sage and I were both sweating on a chilly day. Man oh man is she making progress. Sage that is. I don't know about me.It was three hours and she worked my legs off. I think I am 3 inches shorter. That has always been a trial for me to use my legs a lot riding. I know what I am supposed to do but I do not have much strength there. I am going to try my bumper spurs tomorrow. That will give me a little more leg to put on her. I will have to learn to use my seat more. I preach using your legs but mine wear out too soon. You will notice how short my legs are on her. Oh well, I am more in love with my horse every day.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Riding In the Rain

These are Nikki's pictures. She has such a better eye than I do.
Love those little ears.

Two old cowboys from New Mexico.

Isn't she pretty?

In the wild.


They must stand under that tree often.

Our Mustang Club had a ride today. It really rained all morning. It was wet but not cold and we were all dressed appropriately. We had fun and rode over two hours. We decided to head back rather than to eat lunch out in the rain. Marilyn knew the trails and we had a grand time. Three from the Mustang Club and 3 who joined us from the Back Country Horse group that I had invited. It will probably be our last ride until Spring.


Friday, October 21, 2011

1000 Blessings - Getting Closer

926. Sunflowers
927. Fresh Green beans
928. A freezer full of home grown stuff
929 Fresh Broccoli
930. My sewing machine repaired
931. A son's birthday
932. Tom's medical procedure was negative
933. Indian Summer
934. An assurance of Heaven when friends pass away
935. Snugly sweaters for cool evenings
936. Grandchildren's birthday parties
937. Another trip with Nikki
938. Seeing the beautiful mustangs in the wild
939. 54 years with my best friend
940. Falling leaves to walk through
941. Listening to the coyotes sing
942. Watching the big flocks of geese fly over
943. A friend passing books along
944, A successful mustang adoption in Burns, Oregon
945. Finding just the right van that Bob's brother needed
946. Maple bars after church
947. A great yard sale
948. 911 responders who are quick to respond to an emergency
949. Meeting new neighbors
950. Friends getting us an anniversary cake.
951. A granddaughter turning 14
952. A granddaughter-in-law who celebrated her birthday
953. Mail in ballots
954. Hershey Hugs
955. Young people using their talents for the Lord

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Long Day

Stopped to shed my coat and put it in the back seat on my way home from Marysville. I thought it was such a serene setting.
Back to Burns, OR. I love the markings on her face. I would have called her Camelot because I think that looks like a sword. It doesn't exactly make sense but that is what I would have named her.

Just a group of pretty mares.

Nikki wanted this horse really bad. She should have called her dad, he would have said yes. He rarely has told her no.

Tomorrow I will show you some of Nikki's pictures. She is a much better photographer than I.

I rarely even dozed last night. Very unpleasant. Could not get my thoughts to rest for the night. Not a good night. I took a good nap and I am sure I will sleep tonight.

It was a beautiful day today. I did not work with Sage today. Just was not up to it. My body would not. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. I worked the last three so one day off will be OK.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Pretty Fall Day

Finally got the pictures loaded. I had so much fun riding her. I worked her today but did not ride her. Have a head bomber head ache and my hand hurts. Yes, I am whining. Sorry. I need my eyes examined really bad but could not get in until December 8Th. Oh well, the way time is flying by, it will be here before I know it. Tuesday next I have to go in to the doctor to have some blood drawn and I am going to stand there until I know about the hand surgeon. I am getting fed up.

The day was so pretty. I love this time of the year.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Better Day

A mare and her baby girl being loaded. Baby has been named Thunder.
Sahil (pronounced saw-hill and as he said no w and one l). He is from Bulgaria and has a wonderful to listen to accent. He was a very nice man. We had breakfast with him a couple of days in the motel breakfast room. Found out he is an actor and in real estate in southern CA.

The auctioneer,.

This young lady won a gentled mustang in a drawing. I did not buy a ticket because I was afraid I might win. Her name is Kim.

A plaque they dedicated to Ron Harding who past away last year. He was really "Mr. Kiger". Bob got acquainted with him a few years ago when Bob was selected to sit on a panel in Burns about the mustangs.

Again, our favorite.

The three wild ones we saw up in the South Steens. They were so pretty and looking at something else that was spooking them.

From further away. The other one was trailing as they left "dodge" pretty quickly. It was not us. They had seen us but were not watching us when they spun around and left.

The rode out to the South Steens.

In the corrals, this little girl was resting in the sunshine oblivious that the auction was about to start.

Hope you are not getting tired of my photos. I think I have one more day worth.

I rode Sage again today and we had a good day. I worked her for almost an hour. I put my old saddle on her and thank goodness, it is wide enough for her. Yeay. It is not quite as comfortable as my newer one for me but it is most important that it is comfortable on her. She backed with out raising her head. I wanted to shout. I worked the plastic bag on her without her attached to the rope. I was so proud of her.