Saturday, October 13, 2012

Our Anniversary Day

 The start of our day.  Katie came over and had her take the picture.
We started up a road that looked like it was just a road and it went up the side, around, farther up, narrower and then down, plus we had to drive through a couple of shallow streams.  It was absolutely stunning.  The trees and the views.  It was really a fun day.  I took a lot of pictures but since Blogger got changed I can only get two pictures to load.    It came out on a road I had never been on but it took us back to I90.  We went to dinner in a Mexican Rest. we had not been to before.  It was good when we got to the real food.  The salsa they brought with the tortilla chips was so hot it made me gasp.  I ask for something not so hot and what they brought me was like weak bean soup and I didn't like it at all.  My dinner was good though.  I have part of it to eat for lunch tomorrow.

Today  I had to go to Ellensburg to a meeting.  It was a good meeting.  We got a lot accomplished in 3 or so hours.  Convention is in about 3 weeks and I always enjoy that. 

Bob took Chrissy and Wendy's things to their new apartment in Everett.  Bob said it was a lovely place.  I hope that they are happy with their move.  Chrissy is going to be looking for work and Wendy has an excellent job in Seattle.  That is why they moved.  Now both my girls are over there.  That makes me sad but what is most important is that they are happy.

Gave my kitten her second shot only it wasn't a shot but inter nasal.  She did not like it too much.  She tolerated the shot more than this but I could not find it in an injection.  Her name is Gabby because she is. 

So that's my days.  Life is good.