Thursday, June 30, 2011

A monkey in the tree

There is a monkey in my tree and he turns 7 tomorrow.
Look at that wrinkled up nose. He made faces at me for several minutes after he got wormed today. Funny Chemmy. Yuma didn't want it and it took both Katie and I to catch him and get it done. That wrinkled nose cracked me up.

Our Mustang and Burro Club met this evening. We had a nice turnout minus a couple of people. We are contemplating next years Mustang Days and trying something different. MAYBE. We are going for a ride down at Heyburn State Park in Idaho on July 17. Anyone want to join us? It will be fun. And our next meeting will be a BBQ, potluck at our house. The more the merrier.

We are planning a party for our monkey that turns 7 tomorrow. He does not know cousins are coming and I won't tell him until later in the day. He wants pizza and I remember calling his mother when we were in Oregon last September and he was having a real hissy because he didn't want pizza, he didn't like pizza and was not going to eat it. Now its what he wants for his birthday dinner. What do I know, I am just the Grandma.

Busy time with boys and getting ready for Katie's shower in 2 short weeks. And we have another wedding on August 5th. to go to. Its a busy summer.