Friday, January 20, 2012

Lord, if this is a test, I flunked

Just a couple of snow pictures. About l5" of snow and at the moment it is freezing rain and the wind is starting to blow. Just what we needed. I am SO glad they cancelled our Washington State Horsemen Board meeting scheduled tomorrow in Ellensburg. I would not try to drive in that skating rink.

Boy, oh, boy, when it comes, it comes in bunches. Not only does my brother in law have cancer. He is holding his own at this moment, our niece has cancer in her hip bone. She just started chemo, our daughter in law was diagnosed with ovarian and uterine cancer. She has surgery on February l. Today our oldest granddaughter who lives in Maryland called and she has ovarian cancer. She has her first oncologist appointment on Monday. Then Bob had just a check up with our doctor who has only been our doctor since last May when our doctor of 30 years retired. Now she is leaving the area so we have to find another doctor again. Its not easy when you are both past 70. That about wigged me out and then the phone rang this evening and a drunk hit our son Tom's pickup. He and his wife were not hurt but pretty shaken up. They were driving down the road and a drunk driver came across 2 lanes of traffic and hit them in the drivers door. Then he tried to leave but Tom got to him and took his keys away from him. I feel like I have been caught in a whirlwind.

The horses are doing well. I was going to take some pictures of them today but Bob called me to do something and then I forgot. They all look like furry bears. They are all fat.

So, I am done whining. Sorry.